Monday, July 28, 2014


This weekend was cram packed full of people and activity, and mostly, it was really great.  Ellen, Luke and True came for a visit.  Luke had a wedding to shoot in Hot Springs, so he was out of pocket for much of the time, but it was great to see them and have them here.


People often tell me that they think True and Bella favor one another, and I can totally see it.  Earlier on Friday, Lily, all on her own, had sorted all the Legos by color and then built accordingly.  I am so curious to see what she will do with this sort of gifting some day.


Family in town often means cinnamon roll baking on Saturday morning.  I love the look of pre-baked cinnamon rolls.  And the taste.  I love eating the dough, and I like them baked as well.  I pretty much love everything about the cinnamon roll developmental cycle.

The Davis family left Sunday morning when we headed off to church where we stayed for two services so we could teach.  Right after church, we scurried home and changed everyone into swim suits and drove to Wild River Country.  Every year we host a day there for our CFA team, and it turned out to be a great time to see everyone and their families enjoying each other and the water park.  It was really hot, but other than that, it was good.

When we arrived, we were told that we got a cabana as a perk.  Best. Perk. Ever.  I mean, we ordered food, and they brought it to us.  They watched our stuff and gave us tubes.  They brought us water when we needed it.  I don't know how much they cost, but I feel like I may be spoiled forever.  At this stage in life with four littles, it was a true blessing in our day.  John's sister and boyfriend also joined us, which meant we had extra hands on top of our wait staff.  That helped everything go more smoothly as well.


Violet LOVED the little slide and wanted to go over and over.  We did one bigger water slide with the girls, but they didn't want to try any others  Maybe next year.

Most of our time was spent in the wave pool.  We did one loop around the "Lazy River," and I can tell you that I did not feel lazy trying to keep up with all of our peeps.  Violet looks asleep in this picture, which is quite far from the truth - I think her eyes were just closed, and William reached his wits end while floating along.  It was pitiful.

It is so hard to be 15 months old.  Both babies sacked out in the car.  We headed from there straight to a going away party for a CFA operator in our area and made it home just in time for a late bedtime.  It was a bit on the wild side.

To be honest, everything feels a bit on the wild side lately.  I think that is one of the side-effects of having young children close together.  Also, there have been a lot of developments for John at work that have meant some extra hours and definite extra pressure in the last month.  We are hopeful about what may come, but in the meantime, it has been more stressful.

I have a constant war within myself to appreciate the sweet moments that I am getting with my children and also knowing that there will come a time when it is not quite so crazy, and it will be okay to welcome that time when it comes as well.  I'm sure new craziness will dawn on the horizon, and I will have to adjust to whatever it is.  However, I think that these days have an exhaustion all their own.


But, the moments have a sweetness all their own as well, and I am thankful for the preciousness that has been entrusted to us for the time being.  So thankful.

and tired.