Sunday, March 18, 2012

Elephant Shower for Baby Davis, Part One: Decor

      This past weekend, we headed up to Siloam Springs to shower my sister, Ellen, who is due in April with a baby boy - whose name is yet undetermined and not going to be released to the public (or the family.  not that I am bitter or anything.)  Originally, Ellen had told me that there might be an elephant mobile in the nursery, hence the theme of the shower.  However, they nixed that, so it was just randomly an elephant shower, and she did receive many adorable elephant related items.  I mean, you can't go wrong with an elephant.  They are just cute.
      Here are the invites - I made them using my Silhouette machine, which I cannot imagine my crafting life without.  I had Ellen help me pick out a digital scrapbook pack from Etsy that she felt captured her nursery colors, and I used those papers for everything at the shower.


I designed several little paper goods (blessing cards, Thank You notes, food labels) for the party, which I forgot to photograph.  For this, I had an assistant of sorts, which was so wonderful.  If only I always had an assistant in life.  I can see where that would come in super handy.  Here is my assistant helping to ice the sugar cookies that went home as favors.


Thanks, DJ.  He also works at our CFA and is great.  Here are the finished favors.

Picnik collage

I decided a Diaper Wreath would be a nice welcome, and thus this little beauty was born.  I made it in the car on the way to Siloam, since it only required a floral wire wreath, diapers, rubber bands and ribbon.  I was quite pleased with the results, which is always a nice feeling when you are not sure how something is going to work out.


We put a table in the entry way to welcome people and get them to write their address on a thank you note envelope for Ellen to be able to send those out easily.  We also set the favors there for people to grab on the way out.  Laura (my other sister) made the cute table runner.

Picnik collage

Here's the food table and some other decorations.  I learned some valuable lessons at this shower.  One of them being that masking tape does not hold things as well as you might imagine and things might fall off the wall during the shower.  Which is only as embarrassing as you allow it to be.  You live, you learn, and sometimes you let things fall where they may.

Picnik collage

      Laura made the beautiful quilt behind the table, (I am realizing that my siblings are all very talented people creatively.  What a fun blessing!) and I cut an elephant out of foam board and put letters on it.  I used my Silhouette to cut lots of little paper elephants that I sewed together into chains.  This makes me sound a little crazy, but I can actually assure you, it did not take very long.  Laura made the tissue poms, which we turned into wall flower things, since we didn't like the look of them hanging from the ceiling.  This turned out to be quite fun, and I was so glad, because they added such wonderful festiveness.
      Since I was coming from out of town, I delegated out the food to other sweet friends of Ellen's who wanted to help.  Christy, the other official hostess, brought the cutest cake, and Jeran brought adorable cupcakes.  So many people wanted to help make this nice for Ellen, which I so appreciated.

Picnik collage

I realized that this would be a really long blog post if I included all the people pictures next, so those will have to come in another post.  Hopefully tomorrow - because there are some great ones!


Valerie B. said...

It was a great party!! Thanks for all the fun - you girls are great shower hostesses. :)

Morgan Smith said...

those paci cupckakes!!! how cute!

Tales from Goshen said...

Well done! I am impressed. I may hire you to be my party planner! Love those paci cupcakes and all your elephant decor.