Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Arkansas Safari

      Yesterday we headed to a Drive-Thru Safari in Gentry, AR to check out the animals.  We made it on our way home from Wichita, though it did mean an extra hour in the car with the ladies.  It was worth it.  This little crazy gem of a place was quite a treat for our family.  Once we realized that it wasn't going to rain all over our faces, we told the girls we were going.  Lily asked specifically to see "pigs," "bunnies," "cows," and "baby cows."  Low standards - she had no idea what was in store for her.
      We first spent time in the petting yards, where animals and children roam free together.  There are lots of signs posted about how they are not liable for accidents and how you should not give any animal an opportunity to bite, scratch or harm you.  Got that, young children?  John bought some food, which made us popular.


The bunnies were very popular with the girls.  The girls were not as popular with the bunnies.  Then, we got to meet a baby baboon.  You read that correctly - a baby baboon.  I was beside myself.  John likes to go to this stuff, because I spaz out almost as much, if not more than, our children.


The baby baboon did not want to be held by me.  When Lily was asked if she wanted to pet it, she said, "Bella should pet it."  Way to put your sister into perceived harm's way.  Then, the tiny little baboon jumped onto the stroller, which Bella did not take well, and that was the end of the fun with the baboon.


Next up - kangaroos and their babies that were laying in the field since it was apparently their nap time.


Luke, Ellen and True were along for this adventure as well, since it is near Siloam Springs, where they live.  We walked past more pens and saw emus, more monkeys, turtles and more.  The place really does have an amazing selection of animals, though True was not impressed.


Next up, the drive-thru portion of the safari.  You hope in your own vehicle and drive at your own pace through the Arkansas wilderness taking in big cats, bears, lots more monkey (they are all in cages), and lots of deer, buffalo, zebras and camels roaming wild throughout.  We kept our windows down (breaking the rules) until the emu came near.  They look as though they would peck your face off.


      I almost titled this post "Love in the Wild," since we saw our fair share of animals mating.  I guess it is that time of year, or they are bored, or, well, I don't really know.  The best was the ostrich doing a mating dance.  Sorry, no pictures of any of that.  We try to keep the blog PG rated.
      The girls enjoyed hanging with cousin True - they both did a good job holding him before it was time to say goodbye, though Bella does seem to be pondering what she should do with him.


If you are in the NW Arkansas area, I highly recommend the Gentry Wilderness Safari.  It was a great time!


Linds said...

the picture of the baby baboon with Bella trying to get away cracked me up. We love the drive through safari!

Elizabeth said...

We love that place! My little kids have never been since we don't live so close anymore, but my big kids loved it when they were little. I have pics of them with a baby tiger.

Morgan Smith said...

So sad we haven't ever been before!!! My kids (and IIII) would love it!!!