Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend: Tandem Biking and More!

      Some weekends are just chock full of fun, and this was one of those.  Friday night, we headed downtown to Flying Fish - one of our favorite restaurants.  Though Bella spilled her entire cup of Sprite not just once, but twice - we did a lot of apologizing, I would still consider dinner a success.  After dinner, since the weather was nice and our children were remarkably happy, we decided to grab a dessert and head down by the river, after John jumped over things on the sidewalk.


I wish I had gotten that picture with him up higher, but I still like it a lot, especially for being with my phone.  The girls happily picked flowers and brought them to us.  It was one of those special moments when our children were sweet, and we were content to just sit and watch them play together and soak up the joy of togetherness.  Since everyone with children knows that this is a rarity, we really were grateful for it.


Bella has started saying "Cheeeeeesssseeee" every time we pull out a camera or our phones.  ♥


Saturday morning brought a tandem bike riding adventure.  Oh. my. goodness.  I was so super excited to do this, and so thankful that we have friends with access to all the right equipment.  Our friends have a tandem bike of their own and have always offered to take us out, saying they had friends with the gear they could borrow.  We finally took them up on it, and so, all 8 of us (actually 9, since they are expecting), headed down to the river for some family biking fun.


First, we needed a little lessoning.  Tandem bike riding takes some practice, and before we hooked up the trailer with our children, we wanted to have a tiny bit o' riding under our belts.  (Please notice that we are wearing matching bike jerseys - also borrowed.  Also awesome.)


This is before the trailer was even hooked up - the girls were getting hydrated.  This was also before Lily refused her helmet - Bella had already refused hers.  Don't judge.  I wish you would try to get my girls to wear helmets.  We decided we would risk it.


At last - here we are on the open road!  In every picture I am making some kind of super excited face.


My view - may it be noted that the person who sits in back is basically just leg power.  You cannot steer or anything.  Our friends mentioned that tandem bike riding can show you a lot about your marriage.  You have to communicate well and pay attention to what the other person is doing.  As usual, we have a lot to learn, though we did catch on.


So glad we got to do this and looking forward to a chance to do it again!


The girls agreed to take a picture together again - so cute!


And lastly, but not leastly, Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy around - we love you, John!

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Photo on 2012-06-17 at 20.50


Kristin Murdock said...

KERI!!!! I am so jealous that you guys all hung out! And I am slightly obsessed with the matching bike outfits.... framer for sure. xoxo

Heidi said...

Linking up through embrace... Never tried tandem biking but it looks fun :) Your girls are too cute. Great pictures!

Jess Judkins said...

Your family is to cute for words!!! Your girls are just so beautiful (they take after their mommy!)

Wow I can totally see how tandem bike riding can tell you allot about your marriage, just before I read that part I was thinking, could I really trust scott to steer the bike while I did all the leg work or can I trust him to do all the leg work while I steered. I think we may try it out (I'll of course let him steer). I think it would be a great heart lesson in our marriage :-)