Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dessert at the End of the Road

      Welp, a college guy moved in with us last week on about 3 days notice.  He comes highly recommended by great friends of ours and needed a place to live for the 10 weeks that he is here doing an internship this summer.  So, now he lives downstairs.  Last night, we took advantage of having another adult in the house and after tucking the girls into bed, we skidattled on outta here and went for a dessert date.

      After tossing around several suggestions that didn't seem to fit us well last night, we settled on heading to Kroger.  And after taking in this display -


I'm so glad we did.  John grabbed a bottle of wine and a coffee cup to drink it out of (only a little bit redneck), and we were on our way.  Kroger did us right.  We ended up back in our neighborhood that has a bit of construction happening right now.  We had dessert at the end of the road, as the sun was setting.  Talk about life metaphors - though I am not sure which ones I should be picking out of this.

(I found a fun new app for phone pictures called iDarkroom.  It has lots of cool tricks.)

We sat in the back of our 4-Runner with the back up, listening to country music (which took me 30 years to develop an appreciation for, but now I am loving it) and talking.  So nice to eat Key Lime Pie in peace with the one I love.

      Life is complicated.  We make it more complicated.  Interestingly enough, I am finding that walking with God really can make it more simple.  His burden is light if we choose it, though it is hard to pound that through my thick skull at times.  So we sat.  Solving life's problems and laughing at the ones that will always mystify us.  And I ate all of my Key Lime Pie + the Chocolate Covered Strawberry that I got for dessert after my dessert.  You read that correctly.

      In other, completely unrelated and thankfully uncomplicated news, I think Lily may be a budding (ha!) botanist.  She is a bit obsessed with flowers and nature in general.  Do you have any idea how many crepe myrtles there really are in Little Rock?  So, so, so many.  Now that they are in bloom, Lily points out every one with great enthusiasm as we pass them.  She also recently learned that there are flowers called "Lilies."  She does not understand why there are no "Bella" flowers.

      Bella just continues to grow up around here and no longer needs a high chair.  Here are the girls, enjoying lunch in their chairs.


Thankful for these moments and trying to choose God's burdens instead of my own.

"For My Yoke is easy and My burden is light."  Matthew 11:30


Morgan Smith said...

what a great date idea!!! i'll be borrowing that one. we sometimes drive by kroger after a dinner out to pick up reeses cups, but maybe next time we will venture to the real, fresher stuff:)

Carriehkrj said...

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