Monday, June 11, 2012

Wichita Weekend: Baby Central

     Kansas was good to us this weekend.  We went to see my family, including the newest member - my new nephew, Max!  He was about 3 days old when we met him.  It was the first time in a long while that we have gone to Wichita without a major event drawing us there, like Laura's or Mom's wedding.  It was so nice to be there without an agenda outside of hanging out with each other and getting acquainted with the newest family members.

Here's baby True, chilling out - sleeping while the world goes round.  Ahh, the life of a newborn.


However, newborns: beware.  Cousins are coming for you.


Lily used True as a track for her car.  He never woke.  Amazing.  Baby Max came to hang - here he is in the sun, trying to get un-jaundiced.  It is hard to remember that they are ever that tiny - and, look at all that hair!  For our family that looks like luxurious locks.


Uncle Luke was in the house to take newborn pics.  Delicious little sleeping baby.  Seeing my brother as a father is a sweet privilege.  I love him and my sister-in-law so much, and it is amazing to see them become a family of three.  They are rocking it.


Also, it should be noted, that Ashley (Max's mom) is the most game in-law ever, since she posed for a family picture three days post-partum.  Not a framer, but we definitely wanted to document all being there together, including the wee babes.


All the cousins with Nana and Papa - can you hear the chaos?  What this picture doesn't capture is poor Max's displeasure at continuing to pose, Bella's overwhelming distraction with life and Lily eating grass.  Why does she do this?  "Look, Mommy!  I am eating grass!"  Strange.


This little crazy is getting harder and harder to corral.  But, she is so stinking cute, which makes up for part of that.


Hanging with Aunts and Uncles is right up the girls' alley.  Lily turned Luke into her throne, while she informed him that she was the princess.


And, girlies with the newly weds.


      We had a great adventure on the way home, which will be its own episode tomorrow.  Thanks, Kansas, for the good times.  We can be good friends, but I must say - the wind has got to go.  It's too much, really.  I prefer Arkansas, where the trees and hills wrap around our little lives.  But, being with family is sweet.
      And, because life is always exciting, we just got home and found out that the apartment building right next door to our restaurant had a major fire that required complete evacuation.  John is at CFA helping to take care of firefighters and displaced residents - love his heart for people.