Tuesday, June 26, 2012


      This morning found me rushing around.  Rushing to get the girls dressed, breakfasted and to Mother's Day Out.  Rushing to do that extra load of laundry because for some crazy reason only known to her, one of our cats peed on the decorative towels in our bathroom.  Rushing to make Lily's room look a little more normal, even though many of her belongings are on the top bunk, taken away as a punishment.  Rushing to unload the clean dishes so that I could make the kitchen look more picked up than usual by loading all of the dirty ones.

      This morning also found me thinking some crazy thoughts.  What about our medicine?  Is it in a safe enough place?  What about the lantern lights in the girls' room - will she consider those hazardous?  What about carbon-monoxide detectors?  Do we have those?  I should already know answers to all of these questions.  Our cleaning supplies are up high.  At least I know that one will pass the inspection - oh, but what about the bleach?  It lives under the washer - should I move it?

      At 9:20, a full 40 minutes before our scheduled home study, the doorbell rang.  I panicked, dropped all of Lily's pillows on the floor and tried to walk calmly to the door.  Come what may.  If the social worker is 40 minutes early, then we will figure this out, and John will be home soon enough.  Hopefully she won't mind that Lily's room is a mess and will chalk it up to good parenting, or something like that.

      All of that masked panic was for naught, since it was my very kind mail man delivering a box of goodies from Land of Nod.  When 10:00 came, along with the social worker, John was here, things were picked up and cookies were in the oven.  Suck-up chocolate chip cookies can never go wrong.  ( I sort of can't help doing stuff like this.)


      And, just as I actually figured all along, things were just fine.  She told me before hand that she would not be going through our home with a fine-tooth comb.  She just wanted to make sure that it was safe and had space for more children.  I assured her that I would redecorate the nursery before we bring boys into it, which she said did not matter one bit.

      Mostly, she wanted to talk to us and make sure our expectations were in the right places.  We think they are largely realistic, but it is good to realize all over again how much this will rock our family.  How much our parenting will have to shift to accommodate wildly different needs than our girls have.  How we will have to rely on God in new ways to love these boys well.  She wanted to hear about our marriage, how we cope with stress (what's that?), how we work through issues with our current children.  She was so kind, funny and really pleasant to talk with.  She was also very real, which we appreciated.  I think at the end, we were all friends.  Which is good, since she will be doing a follow-up interview with us, as well as our post-placement visits once our boys are home.

      So, it went well.  Thanks for the prayers!  One more hoop has been jumped through.


Erin said...

Huzzah for one more hoop! What a lovely blog entry. I really appreciate your honesty (as usual). I'm so glad the meeting went well, and I adore and relate to all the preparations you made. Suck up cookies really are never, ever a bad idea. P.S. The new blog looks so great!

Morgan Smith said...

Yay! And now I am going to try to relocate my hazardous materials. :)

Courtney said...

Oh my goodness, I'm loving the reality of this post...and how cool that the process is really starting! It makes me excited to meet these precious, prayed for little boys and I can't wait til you get to bring them home! And as for suck up cookies...cookies baking in the oven is always a good thing (to the ole smeller and taster!)

Grace Hartmann said...

OF COURSE it went perfectly!! I wouldn't expect anything less! You two are amazing and I am so excited that you are on this journey!