Saturday, August 23, 2014


We have mostly lived to tell about our first week of school.  I say "mostly," because I am currently battling a cold that just made me sneeze snot all over my hands and the edge of the computer.  You're welcome for that little piece of info.  Here's a rundown of our highs and lows this week.

High:  Almost all the women that I regularly do life with had a kindergartner going to school this year.  Many of us gathered on Tuesday morning to commiserate and have a playdate with the set of younger fry still left at home.  We had far more good food than we needed, and I brought CFA's new iced coffee for everyone.  I've had one almost everyday this week.  Many of us have another crop of kiddos going off in two years - it really does go crazy fast.

Low:  John yelling, "The oven's on fire!  What should we do?"  We took out the Texas Toast that was unfreezing for Community Group and watched the little fire burn on out.  Nothing like a little fire drama to keep things interesting.

High:  Lily loves school!  Her "color" did not change from green all week, and she seems to be adjusting really well.  We celebrated a great start to the week on Wednesday while William was at therapy.


High:  Little Miss Violet LOVES frozen yogurt.  Which totally makes sense.

High:  William and Violet started their new therapy schedule this week, and it is much better for them.  Look how happy William is in the therapeutic walker!

High:  Though the new long school day is an adjustment for us, Lily does come home and get to play in the afternoons and evenings.  I'm so thankful.

Low:  Both babies have gotten to the stage where they are regularly making messes.  William is especially proficient at spreading things away from himself as far and wide as he can.

Low:  This week it hit me that I have wasted years of Box Tops.  Never again.  I will always cut them out in the future and give them to some school that needs them.

High:  Lily rode the bus home on the last three days of the week, and we plan for her to do so from here on out.  She LOVES it.  I LOVE that I do not have to wake the babies, and I actually get her at the same time - if not earlier - than I would if I picked her up.  This means that Bella and I walk across a yard and wait for a few minutes before the bus comes.  Bella comes prepared.

High:  Rollin' on the River.  It was great to be able to take part in an event that benefits Easter Seals - where William and Violet do most of their therapy.  We have been so helped by them, and it felt fantastic to support the cause!

Low:  Because CFA was also at the event, it was a little harried for our little family.  And it was hot.  But, we survived!

Low:  There is a lot coming up in the next few months.  This means that John is working a bit more than usual.  So - here I am blogging in the office while he studies some new documents.  What an exciting life we lead.

All in all, it has been a good week, and I'm so very thankful for a great start to the school year.  Now, we just have to rinse and repeat most weeks through May.  I hope we are up for it!