Monday, April 17, 2017


Our anniversary was actually yesterday, but with the activity and celebration of Easter - it didn't feel much like it.  That said, we did "celebrate" yesterday while at John's parents' house by being hit over the head with confetti filled eggs.


12 years in and counting.  When I looked back at the blog to be able to link to our wedding pics (here!), I realized that the first anniversary blog post I wrote was celebrating six years.  We've doubled that up and seemed to double up on a lot of other stuff as well.

Since celebrating six years, we've doubled up on children, on restaurants and on stress.  It's funny, because I thought that our lives felt a bit crazy and challenging then.  Silly little Carol.  As the years go on, the complications and complexities increase.  Each year seems to bring more layers, and sometimes it is hard to see the ways through them all.

That said, I think we have doubled down on love in the midst of it all.  Twice as many children to get kisses from.  Twice as many years of joyous and painful experiences to bind us together.  Many more than twice the number of times we've seen God's faithfulness at work.  It multiplies each year, and I'm so grateful for that fact.

Even in just the past year, we've been driven to our knees before the Lord, begging for wisdom and grace.  And though it may not show up in exactly the ways that we may wish for, it ALWAYS shows up.  God is faithful and good, and we get to see more of that each year.  It's reflected and refracted in the prisms of complexity that make up our life, many times in spite of us.

One of the greatest gifts that we still have together is laughter.  Through the ups and downs, God saw fit to give me someone to laugh with.  When the options are laughing or crying, we are often able to do both.  I love John more now than I ever could have even six years ago, or 12.

Picnik collage

Happy anniversary, John.  You are my favorite forever.

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