Wednesday, April 05, 2017


My goodness. As I sit to write, there are far too many words and far too few.  The past week has had me feeding on a steady diet of strong emotions, and I've cried buckets of good and bad tears.  It's been holy.  It's been awesome.  It's been heart-breaking and gut-wrenchingly hard.  My texts streams have looked like this:


I'm not exaggerating.  Okay, maybe I am just a little - but only a tiny bit.  This story is deeply connected to my family but not mine, so I'll only be sharing some of the details while letting my friend, Christy, share most of their story and the bulk of the pictures.  This story actually started back in 2015 when our birth mom became pregnant again.  Both Christy and I blogged about it back then, and the way that story turned out is another miracle in and of itself.  Shelby became part of the Hutchins family forever, and I was so grateful to have had a front row seat to see God at work.

William and Violet have two biological half siblings that have been adopted into another family that we see and celebrate with regularly.  But, when our birth mother became pregnant again, neither of our families felt that we could open to fifth children for a host of reasons.  Again, Brian and Christy stepped forward in faith.  Again, they have walked the long road of waiting for a child to be born with little information and many twists and turns along the way.  It is so challenging, and yet, they graciously took one step of faith at a time.  (Here's a post Christy wrote in the middle of the journey.)

This past week things began happening, and it was a wild ride.  It involved a truck-load of prayer, a ton of tears, plenty of not knowing, a lot of sitting in the hospital and a mid-week chips and salsa break, because good chips and salsa can really help any situation.


And through circumstances that only God could orchestrate, a precious new life came into the world. A beautiful, brave birth mother gave her up in a supreme act of love.  A new family welcomed her home with joy and humble gratitude.

We celebrate with our friends while we grieve with the birth mother.  Again, the pain and joy go hand in hand.  We stand in awe of God's goodness to each of us for getting to walk this journey and see his faithfulness.  We are SO GRATEFUL for friends who stepped into this path with us and are now forever part of our family as we raise biological siblings together.  It is truly an unbelievable honor.

My children are overjoyed about a new baby to love.  Here are their first moments seeing her picture.


I got to visit her in the hospital, and this picture pretty much sums it all up for me.  Cue all the tears.


Our children have a lot of questions, and we only have some of the answers.  It is a crazy, complicated story with issues far above their pay-grade.  But, they love sweet baby Elizabeth, and we look forward to many years of togetherness!  I'm so thankful that they get to see God at work in and through our family in amazing ways.


So - if you are reading this post and wondering if adoption is right for you - let me just say that it is the best and hardest thing we've ever done.  Never in a million, bazillion years did I imagine the story we would experience when we said yes five years ago.  Only God.  It's been so good and refining and joyful and hard, and I'm a different person everyday because of it.  Adoption certainly is not for every family, but I cannot imagine our family without it.

And, we are ecstatic with joy over welcoming this newest little love into our extended family.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

For lots more pictures of Elizabeth and more of the story - check out Christy's post here!