Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Welcome to Parenthood

Our daughter, Lily, is now 11 months old. She has been amazingly healthy, which we are so very thankful for. She can be occasionally fussy, but overall, she is an easy baby to have. About two weeks ago, I was delivering food to friends who had just had a new baby girl. Lily and I had eaten our own dinner at Chick-fil-A right before we took more Chick-fil-A food to these friends.
We were talking and Lily was cruising around the room, but she was not really herself. As I picked her up to check on her, she proceeded to throw up all over these dear friends' kitchen and my pants. Literally, she blew chunks everywhere. We were all shocked, and fortunately, these are good friends who immediately sprung into action and helped me clean up the puke off of their hard wood floors and countertop. We were laughing so hard that we were crying, while Lily was actually crying, which did make me feel bad.

I got Lily into the car and had to pick John up from work, and we were going to try to pick up his car at the shop. Then, we hear more throwing up in the back seat. So sad. We went directly home and gave her a bath. She was acting fine and happy, thrilled to be in the bath as usual. Since I am still green as a parent, I gave her a bottle. I assumed she had just eaten something that disagreed with her and was fine. We loaded back into the car, with Lily in her car seat without its cover sitting on a blanket. We had gone about a mile, when the bottle made its reappearance. We immediately turned around and headed home. Poor baby. She had a 24 hour bug and was fine by the next night. Two days later, it was my turn, and it was bad.

Thankfully, we are all well now and have been initiated into childhood sickness. Those were some great moments. I do feel officially welcomed into parenthood.