Monday, February 07, 2011

Bunnies: of the Snow and Dust Varieties

Well, as everyone knows, we have had more winter weather, and it seems as if more will be headed our way soon.  I am a lover of snow, but with two kiddos two and under who cannot/won't play in it and a business that dies because of it, I have come to love it a little bit less. Still, I like cute pictures in it.


Today is the day that I have decided I need to really clean my house.  Actually, John so lovingly reminded me that this should happen when he pointed out the fact that there are dust bunnies everywhere.  He was really, really nice about it even offering to help, but that doesn't negate the dreadful dust bunny reality going on here.  I would say that I am pretty good at keeping our house picked up, but actually keeping it clean is another story entirely.  So far, I have cleaned about half of the top floor, but it truly is amazing how much longer it takes to clean the house when you have to keep stopping to feed someone, change someone or love on someone.  This little dust bunny still needs to be cleaned, but I sure got a cute picture of it in all of its dusty glory.


And look who learned how to sit up in their Bumbo!  She loves it!


Later, I plan on posting the recipe for the Chicken Florentine Lasagna that I made last week.  I decided not to include it in a post dominated by dust bunnies.  That would be gross.


Kristin said...

You are a blogging machine! And I'm with you on the "cleanliness" of a home - I just have the hardest time finding motivation to dust and sweep every day!