Friday, February 11, 2011

What do Mamas say?

  We have a game that we play with Lily.  If I am really honest, it started because I wanted to hear her say, "Love you."  Yes, I like that affirmation from my two-year-old and am willing to manipulate to get it.  Even though she could say lots of things, she would never tell us that she loves us.  Now, I do know that she is only two and that is kind of a lot to expect.  I realized that from a young age, she has been able to make different animal noises when we asked her what sound does a _______ make?  She mastered kitties first, since we have two of those, but she really has quite the repertoire of animal noises that she could say on command.  Which got me thinking . . . .
  I bet if I made it a game, I could get her to say, "Love you."  Thus, the game was born.
  We ask,"What do Mama's say?"  Lily says, "Love you."
  We ask, "What do Daddy's say?"  Lily says, "Get you." (as in, "I'm going to get you!")
  That is where it started, and it has turned out to be quite fun.  When we were visiting Ellen and Luke, she picked up a couple of new ones that they helped come up with.
  "What do Aunties say?"  --  "Hold you."
  "What does Bella say?" --  "Got milk."
  "What does Uncle Luke say?"  --  "Cheese."  (It is supposed to be "Say Cheese", but she always shortens it to just "cheese.")
  Lily loves doing this so much that she will ask me to ask her things.  So sweet.  She just giggles and giggles when she says the right answer.  I have taught her one last one, because I wanted it to be a good reminder to us.  And it is.
  "What does Jesus say?"  --  "Come to me."

I want her to know what we value, and I want to incorporate it into our everyday lives and even into our little game.