Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Sometimes We are Stuck

Well, I realize that I will probably not be blogging every day in my future. However, for now, I feel like I have a lot to say and blog about, so I will continue the roll that I am on. Today I have been pondering cheerful things like sin and darkness. We are born sinners. Even this precious 3 month old is a sinner.


Gosh, even as I type that, I think, "She is so sweet. She probably won't be that bad ever." Sadly, I do not think this of my older daughter, but that is because we have had longer with her to see her sin nature in full effect. And it is not about how sweet my daughters can be, and for the record, Lily is such a sweet child so much of the time. I went to my Moms N More group at Fellowship today, and we talked about Romans 8. There is a battle inside of us between sin and darkness and light, life and peace that we are born with, because we are humans and live in a fallen world. We are going through a new study called STUCK, by Jennie Allen.


It is very engaging, and I am so thankful for the God that sets us free. I don't want to be stuck in the places that are ugly on my insides. I want more freedom in Christ and to reflect Him more each day.

In other, completely unrelated news, I am finally getting around to really organizing and decorating my craft room. At the old house, I had a craft closet that was well organized, and here, I have the extreme privilege and blessing of having an entire craft room (that also doubles as a second guest bedroom.) I am posting the "BEFORE" pictures, because I want even more motivation to get it done. I currently have great hopes of painting it lavender and possibly even a plaid wall. I have searched for any tutorials on how to do one and have not found anything that resembles what I want, so I think I will be making it up as I go. Anyway, here are the pics. I did not stage it to look this messy to have a better "Before" picture. It really is that messy from Christmas and birthday carnage, and I can live like that because it is all the way downstairs with a shut door. But I want it to be usable and pretty. And hopefully somewhat soon.