Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Sometimes, (okay, many times), owning a restaurant has its perks and you get to play in the middle of the week.  There are many times that owning a restaurant has downsides, like when your husband goes in on snow days.  However, today was one of the times we got to get out of Dodge on a Wednesday and play at an amazing lake house.  Some good friends of ours were kind enough to let us join them in enjoying a night and day away.  John and I even got to have a mini-4-wheeling adventure while our little friends napped at the house.


We drove up to a scenic overlook, scenically overlooking Lake Ouachita.


I must admit, we felt a little (or a lot) redneck while speeding through the woods, especially since I was tricked out in Carhart looking crazy.  John and Zach had gone out earlier in the day and covered about 60 miles of muddy, hilly terrain.  What a day.


Anna and I spent that morning hanging out drooling over Paula Dean's cooking on Food Network and watching all of our little friends run around (or sit around) the house.  Side note, after watching Paula, I am inspired to make some kind of amazing stuffed, twice baked zucchini.

Cheerio eating was a major activity in our morning.  Avery and Dottie are so cute and sweet.

Kids Lake House

It is so nice to get out of our routine every once in a while to have a little adventure.  Thanks, Zach and Anna, for giving us this opportunity and spending a relaxing and adventurous day with us.  Your hospitality was such a blessing.

And I will round out this post with a picture of what I found as I was getting us ready to go.  I think this Little Prince and Princess are in love, at least according to the heart-shaped, glass paperweight that they were paired with.