Friday, February 18, 2011


Tonight we branched out and went to the Lanterns Festival at Wildwood Park.  Truth be told, I got a Groupon for it and thought it could be fun.  We met up with some of our best friends and had a fantastic time traveling the "countries" and taking in the lights.


Kiddos had a great time with the neon necklaces.  It really is the simple things.


Got to guide two year olds through Sand Art.  Jake actually said, "It's hard."

Lanterns Sand

If you are in Little Rock, I highly recommend the event - and the weather for February just can't be beat.
One of my highlight moments was when the guys decided we should take the long, dark way through the woods to get around the lake.  Honestly, I preferred the woods to the crowds and once we got back in view of the lights, we realized all was well.


It was one of those delightful nights where we enjoyed time with great friends whose presence in our lives is a blessing, and we enjoyed time with our sweet girls, who were really amazingly sweet all evening long.  We got home and realized all over again how rich we are.  Thank you, Lord.  We want to cherish these times and drink them in.