Thursday, February 10, 2011

Po' Sack and Wing Slap

   Well, I realized that most of my posts so far have been about our kiddos or about crafts or food, which is funny, since this blog is called "The John and Carol Show."  It is authored by me (though John has said he may post very occasionally), and kids, crafts and food are a lot of what I do.  However, John is my favorite person in the world, and I love the time after the kids go down when we get to hang out together.


   Last night we decided we would try to recreate one of our all-time favorite desserts.  The Chocolate Sack from SO restaurant here in Little Rock.  If you know me well or have ever visited us here in the Rock, then you have probably heard mention of or had the opportunity to sample this delicious treat.  It is SO good.  (Yes, I chuckle to myself every time I say this, since it is the name of the restaurant it comes from.  Never gets old.  To me.)  I regularly think that I can do anything, and I thought making this rather unique dessert would be a snap.  And, we had all the ingredients on hand.  Sadly, it did not turn out as I had envisioned.  We ended up with a bowl full of stuff, instead of the refined Sack, and we dubbed it the Poor Man's Sack, or "Po' Sack" for short.


   I started out by trying to paint the chocolate onto a sack, just like they do at the restaurant.  (I asked one time, because I wanted to try this very thing.)  I did use a bottle dryer to prop it up.  Genius husband's idea.


   After getting it all painted, I put it into the freezer.  It froze well, but when the time came to take the sack out of it, it became a bit of a fiasco.  Or an entire fiasco.  You be the judge.


   Next time I will go out and buy better chocolate that is harder and more conducive to this sort of thing, and make it a much thicker layer of chocolate.  It is apparently a learning process.  We decided not to let this be the end of the dessert, since we still had all of the ingredients.  In fact, when we looked in our pantry, we found that we had multiples of some of the items that we needed.

Why would anyone need this much marshmallow fluff?


   The truth is, I kept buying it to possibly make fondant and kept forgetting that I already had some.  Also, why do we have this many boxes or different kinds of graham crackers?  Another good question.


   We added the other ingredients of ice cream, almond slivers, raspberry sauce and whipped cream and enjoyed our very own Po' Sack.  Still tasted good, though it didn't look pretty.

   Since our kiddos are not really at the age to enjoy the snow yet, we decided to play in it ourselves while they were both tucked soundly into their beds asleep.  I had really wanted to make a snowman, but after realizing that the snow was mostly dry powder, I settled for snow angels.  Plus, it was cold, and I knew the fire was waiting for us inside.  We made our snow angels giving each other a Wing Slap.


   I wanted to take a picture of the angels, so John got on the mailbox.  Wait, that doesn't seem like the most obvious idea to you, either?  I really did appreciate him going the extra mile and reenacting how to make a snow angel.


   From this vantage point, he was able to observe that his snow angel was much bigger than mine.  I think it was the wing span.  Love him.

   I will finish off by posting a picture of something I found in the bathroom this morning.  I feel like I could do an entire series on the things I find.


Tea party with the hair diffuser and kitty valentines?  Yes, please.


Stefanie said...

When you perfect the chocolate sack making will you please tutor me? I still think about that dessert & I think we ate it with you guys 2 years ago? 3? Mmmmm, you're right, it is SO delicious :)

Rachel said...

So glad I had the opportunity to enjoy the sack. I know you will do it one day, Carol you really can do anything (John says so).