Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Friends: Life is Better with Them

      This morning I had the distinct privilege of spending time with some of the women from my Bloom group.  The church offered us childcare for a morning off, and we arranged it so that we could go and get pedicures together and then go do lunch.  Which was as perfect as could be, though we definitely missed the girls who could not be there.


      This is the second year that our group has been together, and it is such a blessing to know these women.  We have been able to go deep and pass through the shallowness that can often exist in small groups.  This morning we laughed about little things and talked about things that really matter to each of us, and I can see more of Christ through each one of these women.  He is real in their lives and more real to me because of knowing them, which is, I think, the highest compliment I can pay to them.  It didn't hurt that someone was rubbing my feet and making my toenails prettier during all of this or that the gyro I had for lunch was really tasty.
      On another subject, last night John and I really started decorating the house for Christmas.  We put up our nativity set, which I love, and it got me thinking again about how amazing Christmas really is.  I love all of the merriment and the frivolity that goes along with it, but last night, it hit me - Jesus really came here to be with us.  It all really happened.  The shepherds really got the news from a host of angels.  Jesus was born in a stable.  Wise men saw a star and traveled to see him.  I read this amazing blog post about it today that gave me even more of a sense of wonder and overwhelming joy to think of our Savior coming to give himself to us.  (I also read this blog post about the most tacky nativity sets ever that made me laugh.  I think the chicken nativity was my personal favorite.)
      This season, I want to be intentional about drinking in the real joy to be had.  I want to celebrate because of who Jesus is, and I want our family to see more of him during this time - not just eat more sweets, have more lights about and do more fun stuff.  Though, I really do love all the fun stuff.


JDaniel4's Mom said...

This really sounds like a wonderful group! How fun to get to do something fun together.

Magen Friedmann said...

awww so fun!!! nothing better than getting pedis with friends! Miss all of you!!!!