Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Sugar Cookies

      A couple of weeks back, Mom and I were talking about what I should bring home for Thanksgiving.  She requested the cookies I made several weeks ago and showed on the blog.  I decided to do different sugar cookies, because, what I am realizing about myself is that I am not a huge fan of doing the same thing over and over.  I like to try new things a lot.  So, here are the turkey and pumpkin cookies that I just finished.  (Kristin came over and helped me finish them!  Thanks!)


I originally saw the turkeys done by a friend, Alicia, and have wanted to do something similar ever since.  Turns out, they take a while, but I really like the results.  And again, after learning this amazing trick via Pinterest, it seems so easy to do a lot of different colors, without having to clean up a lot of stuff.  Hip hooray!  So, last night, I stayed up til 1:00 a.m. listening to Anne of Green Gables of audiobook and decorating sugar cookies.  I am super nerdy after all.  But, I do love Anne so much, and when I am listening to the books I start to feel that I think and speak a bit after the fashion she does.


I outline the recipes that I use in that post referenced earlier.  I "flooded" the body after outlining it, and then made dots of red, orange and yellow and drug a toothpick through them to get the "feathery" look.


The pumpkins were a matter of outlining in the brown and then flooding with the orange.  I also added edible orange glitter, and then did some green piping for leaves and little pumpkin tendrils that I feel like kind of bring it all to life.  I think Mom will be pleased, and they are yummy to boot!