Monday, November 07, 2011

Our House: Thankful Decor

      It is that Thankful time of year, and though I haven't yet managed to get our Thankful Tree up, I have finished the rest of the fall decorations, most of which have been up since late September.  I like to get the mileage out of them.  Here is our thankful mantle.


I made that bunting last year using heavy fabric with the letters cut out and ironed on.  I am glad I still really like it this year.  I really like putting random gourds around - I feel they have so much character.  I used extra burlap behind everything, and the lanterns are usually there.  I put red and black beans and acorns and white pumpkins in the apothecary jar.  Basically, whatever was on hand or cheap.  I have seen so many cute jars full of fall things.  Here is what the mantle looked like in October.


I used the Candy Corn bunting from Bella's party and used five bags of Candy Corn to fill the jar.  I had no idea it would take so much.  Apparently some stores ran out of it towards the end of October.  I guess you all know that I am to blame.  I need to send all that Candy Corn to CFA for them to eat, because I certainly don't need to finish it.  Clearly.
      Here is our fall front door.  As I said, this stuff has been up since the end of September.  I don't carve many of the pumpkins, and then they last through Thanksgiving.  Though, I did learn the hard way to put something under them so that IF they rot, they do not seep all over your porch and stain it.  That was at the old house.  Now, I tuck clear plant trays underneath them in case they go south.


I made the felt wreaths last year as well and still really like them.  Good job, Last Year Carol.  You picked stuff Future Carol would still enjoy.  They took longer than I would have wanted them to, but they weren't hard.  I cut felt into flower shapes and hot glued it on.  It took a lot of flower shapes, and I had many burned fingers to prove it.

Picnik collage

Here is my pumpkin stack.  Since these were all the rage on Pinterest, I had to have one of my own.  I just tore the stems off and stacked them.


And, just for fun, here is the pumpkin that I did carve this year.  At Lily's request, I made "Flower Face."


Also for fun, here is what Lily was doing while I was taking these pictures.  She is licking the window, of course.  Last week we found her licking Bella's feet and later Bella's hands.  Which is unfortunate, because Bella has decided she likes to put her hands into the toilet.  Little kids can sure be gross and a little strange.


The very best decorations are the ones that are outside our window.  Here is our view right now, and Lily and I get to comment often on the "red trees."  Though when she says it, it sounds like "red cheese," and I puzzle over what that means until I remember she means "trees" not "cheese."


I am so thankful for the fall foliage, the gift of health for the time being and the treasure of time with our girls while they are young.  People keep saying it will fly by, and though a lot of days it doesn't seem that way, I know it really will.


Amanda said...

Beautiful! Love your mantle and those terrific photos behind your decor!

Stefanie said...

You know, in the fall you really should remember to blow the acorns off your back deck daily so the autumn rains don't seep through them and stain your concrete ... :)