Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful . . .

      Last week we went on a hunt for branches for our Thankful Tree.  I decided to try to brave the green belt behind our house.  This did not last long, since there were many more brambles than I had imagined.  We turned around pretty quickly and headed to the green belt that runs between our house and our neighbor's.  The weather was delicious, and the colors on the trees are so beautiful right now.  The girls were being sweet - they love being outdoors, and we had a great time.  I was glad I took the camera!


Lily with her treasures.


It looks as if Bella is yelling or screaming at the plants.  She yells or screams mostly in delight, which is hysterical.  Until you are in the car.  Then it is mainly really loud.


Lily loves when she can see the picture we are taking as we take it - a handy feature on our point and shoot camera.


I never want to wish away time as a mother.  BUT, I do think my arm my fall off soon from carrying this child.  She is almost 26 lbs of non-walking fun.


Glad to enjoy these times out of doors while we can!


Thankful.  I don't feel like I could ever be thankful enough.  Truly.  Thank you, Lord.

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