Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lessons I Have Learned This Week

      For whatever reason, I feel that this week and month have gotten away from me.  How did it become mid-November with Thanksgiving only one tiny little week away?  How?  It just hit me this morning that I need to figure out holiday parties and food and decorations and I am not sure how it will all come together. It will, of course, but right now, I don't exactly see the way through it.
      And all of this made me wonder what I have been thinking about instead.  I realized that I have really been learning a lot this week, which is probably better than focusing on Christmas decorations anyway, though that is much more fun.  Here are some of the things I have learned this week, ranging from the ridiculous to the really important.
1) I need to be sorting my mail more regularly.  Though I seemingly have a good system for this, I let it pile up.  I went through it on Monday night and found two shower invitations for this coming weekend and a birthday party invitation that we had completely missed for last weekend.  I felt awful and immediately contacted the mother from the party we had missed to confess and make amends.  Carol - sort your mail a lot more often.  It is not that hard, and then you will not miss parties.
2) If John and I are in the middle of a hard discussion, I need to ask more questions and come with fewer strong opinions.  Being humble does not come naturally for me, and I usually think I know what I think about everything.  I can grow so much in this area, and it would serve our marriage well for me to do so.
3) Boogie Wipes are worth the extra money for the kindnesses they do to Bella's face.  She has had so much snot all over her face, and it was getting all chapped and red.  The Boogie Wipes really help, and she submits a little more meekly to having her face wiped down with these.  Just a little.
4) I will never understand God and all of the ways that he works.  And, as one of the girls in our community group pointed out this week, I wouldn't want to serve a God that I could understand.  But, that doesn't make it easy, and I am learning more about what faith really costs.
5) Good friendships are worth their weight in gold.  I feel like I keep learning this, but I do not know how I would do life without the friends that God has so graciously placed around me.  It brings me to tears even now thinking about it.
6) You can, in fact, have way too much Candy Corn at your house.  Especially when you win an extra 367 candy corn pumpkins from your neighborhood fall carnival.
7) As aforementioned, John and I have had some harder conversations this week, and I am learning from them.  Learning that it really is God who binds us together, and that we have to hide ourselves in him first and foremost, and we have to have so much grace for one another.  Which is much easier said than done, but I wouldn't want to be doing it with any other person.
8) I really should stop putting bottles of Diet Dr. Pepper in my purse.  How many pursefuls of pop will it take for me to learn this?

Those are all the lessons that jumped to the top of my mind as I sat to compile this little list.  I want to be a lifetime learner, and thankfully, life is always presenting new opportunities for this.  And since no post would be complete without a picture, I looked through my phone to find something cute.  I was on the phone with John one morning and looked down to find this.  Morning grape fun - sweet girls.



Kristin Murdock said...

I like what you said about asking more questions in conversations with John. I tend to forget about asking questions, too, especially with someone as gracious as my husband. It's humbling to see just how self-focused I can be, even with someone who sacrifices so much for me.