Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Hogs Game Day in the Rock!

      Well, surprise of all surprises, John called on Thursday to tell me that he had won tickets to the Hog's game courtesy of Chick-fil-A.  (Again, insert praises of the most amazing company to work for!)  To be sure, the most surprising part of this story is not that John won the tickets, but that he won them because he was the first to reply to the email.  Because his inbox is sort of a running joke, everyone I have told of this has been amazed.
      Because game day is a huge day for our store, since our store is located less than a mile down the road and we have the privilege of feeding the U of A Cheerleaders and the Marching Band, John had to do some figuring out how they could do most of that without him, so we could attend.  But, he figured it out, and our gracious team served those guests mostly without him, and I was so thankful to get the opportunity to go cheer on the Hogs in person.  We are not necessarily die-hard fans, but we live in Arkansas, and that is all Arkansas really has to boast of, and they are having a fabulous season, so we were really excited to be there.  I also love doing stuff that is exciting for a lot of people, and Razorback games definitely qualify.  Thanks, CFA and John!


We sat on the 6th row, at about the 10 yard line.  There were a couple of Mississippi State fans in front of us who were pretty entertaining, but they vacated our area around the middle of the 2nd quarter, in favor of their fan area.  There was also a Razorback super-fan sitting in front of us who was decked out in Hog apparel and was listening to the game on an ear-piece, though we were at it and who also felt the need to tell the players on the field what was going on, since they cared to know.  He was a really nice guy, though and very well-intentioned.

Picnik collage

And, since the Hogs made a sweeping victory of it, it was a great game experience.  We left after the 3rd quarter so John could help deliver the marching band order and I could take dinner to our sweet friends who kept our girls - thanks, Kosses!
      Other than that, this weekend I have been preparing for Thanksgiving fun and just started looking at decorating for Christmas.  We got our stuff out of the attic last night.


It seems to be more than I remembered it.  I sure do love Christmas time!


Anonymous said...

Being a MSU fan I hope they werent too bad to yall :) I kind of knew from the beginning we probably didnt have a shot. AR always has our number.

Elizabeth said...

Fun, fun! But what do you mean that's all Arkansas has to boast of?! There are SO MANY great things about Arkansas! It's home to me, and I love it :)

Hannah said...

You guys look good - must have been the classiest-dressed fans there.