Friday, November 18, 2011

Two Little Turkeys

      Next week is Thanksgiving!  I am so looking forward to seeing family, playing games, maybe watching movies, laughing a lot, being thankful and, of course, eating a lot.  So much to look forward to - I think my little heart may burst from pure excitement and bliss.  In preparation for the great day, I made the girls turkey shirts, inspired by some like this that I saw on Pinterest.  I used Minky Dot brown fabric for the turkey, pinned the ribbon to the turkey body on the underside of it, and sewed all the way around it.  That secured the ribbons, and then I used the extra ribbon to make corker bows for the girls.


In the picture, Lily's shirt is covered with snot and drool from the crying fit about picking up her room after her "nap."  She is holding the yellow car that has inspired her to call every yellow car that we see in public "her car."  Bella is sucking that paci as if her life depends on it, and as you can see, with Lily's arm around her and them perched precariously on that step, it might.

Here is a close-up of the shirt.  I decided to do a non-traditional color scheme and was pleased with the results.  I cut a little piece of ribbon into a triangle and hand-stitched it on for the beak.  I burned the edges of all the ribbon I used with a wood-burner.  I think it is easier than using a lighter or matches.


Here's the bow.  I have wanted to try this technique for a while, and my understanding was that you got the ribbon to stay like this using fabric stiffener.  Well, they were out of fabric stiffener, but the kind lady in the fabric department who must have realized that a trip back the next day was not what I really wanted had pity on me and told me that it might work to use Elmer's Glue thinned out with a little water.  Perfect!  I wrapped the ribbon around pencils, sealed the ends, secured them with clothes pins and then painted them with the glue/water mixture.  I went heavy on the glue in that mixture, because I wanted it to work, and viola, I had little corked ribbons that I hot glued onto a clip!


So far, the shirts have held up well, even with a wash under their belts.  The girls are such snot factories right now that it would be out of the question to wear them without washing in between, so I am glad I sewed everything on.


      So thankful for these sweet girls and the ways they entertain and delight us regularly.  A new way of entertainment that Lily has found is when she is introduced to strangers, she has started sticking out her tongue all the way and wagging it from side to side while staring at them.  She must have gotten that from John and myself - honestly, I am not sure the best way to break it, and since people always laugh, she is getting a lot of positive reinforcement right now on that one.  Bella has become a screamer.  It is her primary means of trying to communicate anything from frustration, to sleepiness to excitement.  I am also not sure how to quell this development, though Lily tells her, "No, ma'm Bella.  We do not scream" - but Bella doesn't seem to get the message just quite yet.
      I hope your Thanksgiving plans are coming together beautifully and that you are spending time thanking the Good Lord for all of the good gifts that he gives.  It is really quite overwhelming at times.


Mom Spenst said...

Carol, the shirts are so cute. I'm so thankful for family. God has been very good to us-blessing us with 3 special children and spouses and 3 beautiful grandchildren!!