Thursday, January 12, 2012

Family Pictures and a Bit about Bella

      I was looking through pictures this week and realized that I never shared our latest family pictures.  They were taken back in November by Luke at Main Street Studios, and as usual, I love them.  We are still in that phase where it is very challenging to get both children to look at the camera, let alone to look pleasantly at the camera.  Bella seems to go a bit stoic, and Lily is usually flat out uncooperative.  Miraculously, Luke got some great shots.  We used this one for our Christmas card.


And, this is the other one I thought about using.


Another favorite - it at least very much looks like what we normally look like.


Then, the girls modeled at hat for Heather Hill Clothing, an adorable boutique that is right around the corner from Main Street Studios.  Luke does some work for the shop, and they needed shots of the cupcake hat.  In walked these two adorable models.  I do love the clothes and accessories in her shop - my mom got the girls matching dresses from there for Christmas that I love.  ♥


And, we believe this may be the inaugural Crazy Eyes.  Where does she come up with this?


We got some sweet shots of Bella in her birthday outfit from October that coordinated with her First Birthday Party, which was Candy Corn themed.


Speaking of Bella - she is such a funny thing.  She took her first steps last week while we were in Wichita.  She actually walked about 6 feet to get to me, but since then, she has patently refused to walk again.  I think she honestly is living by the motto, "Why walk, when I can be carried?"  She also is a fast crawler.  However, what we are also realizing is that she is an adept climber.  Last Sunday, as we were unpacking from wedding week fun and putting the last of Christmas up into the attic, (you can see where this is headed, I'm sure), the girls were playing in the garage while John was rearranging things.  He had seen Bella get onto the bottom step and then shy away from it and lose interest.  While continuing to organize (John is amazing at organization), he called down to Lily and asked if Bella was on the steps.  She called back to him, "Yeah."  John put one more thing away and turned to look around.  He heard a little shuffle, shuffle on the steps and saw her little head poke up.  She had climbed all the way up our pull-down attic steps.
      I had been getting ready for church, and I hear John say, "You need to come here."  He was sitting in the attic with Bella in his lap, and boy was she mad when we got her down and took her inside.  I am so thankful that she is safe, and we are realizing that we may need to watch out for things we didn't worry over with Lily.  Nobody expects their 15 month old girl who won't walk to climb into the attic - it just doesn't occur to you.  At least, it didn't to us - I hope that doesn't make us negligent parents.  Again, I reiterate, I am so thankful that it turned out fine and for God's grace in our lives and the lives of our children who live through our parenting of them.
      And, in the future, I have a feeling I will not need to tell Bella "Aim High!" but instead, "Let's just take one step at a time."  Or any steps at all, sweetheart.  At this point, I will take any steps at all.

Love all the pictures!  Thanks again, Uncle Luke!  You're the best!