Monday, January 23, 2012

Lily's Panda Party: Part Two, Behind the Scenes

      So, here are a few of the behind the scenes details that went into Lily's party, that I posted about yesterday.  I sent out these invitations.


In these envelopes.


I designed them and printed them myself.  I searched on Etsy for downloadable clip art and found a little Chinese girl pack, which you can see by clicking here.  I created them in Microsoft Word and printed them on card stock paper, and I scalloped the edges using a punch and then glued it onto black card stock.  I ran the envelopes through the printer.  I found the font called "Bonzai," which I downloaded free from Urbanfonts.  I also got a font called "Bamboo" there as well.

I must say that this party was made much easier by my Silhouette - a machine that cuts things beautifully and easily.  I made the food labels and the bunting using it, as well as the panda tattoos that the girls wore and that were included in the favor boxes.  I made circle stickers to put on the cups and favor boxes using the panda clip art and Avery stickers that I bought at Office Depot.


Most of the decor - lanterns, pinata and favor boxes, were all ordered from Party City online.  I looked around, and it had the best prices for what I wanted, especially once I got free shipping.


When it came time for figuring out a cake, I searched for cute panda cupcakes online and found Charm and Whimsy's take on them.  She also made a few cupcakes using Pirouette Rolled Wafers as bamboo, which gave me the idea to wrap an entire cake with them.  I saw these super cute Panda cupcakes on Bakerella and knew I wanted to make at least one - but not more than that, because they looked a little time intensive.  So, those were the inspirations for the cake and cupcakes.



For the favor boxes, I included the following items.


     - Adorable Panda Finger Puppets from Imogene's Tea Garden's Shop on Etsy.  I sort of wanted to buy all the animals - they are so cute.
     - Panda Tattoos made with the Silhouette
     - Chinese Yo-Yos from Party City
     - Glitter Bottles that I made (I did a tutorial on them back in August) using "Panda Gems" I ordered from Glass Gems by Christine's Etsy Shop, green pom poms, green glitter, and green leaf sequins.


and personalized Fortune Cookies ordered from Baked Just For You.


I asked people not to bring gifts, but if they wanted, to instead bring cash to give to World Vision.  Honestly, after last year's party (which you can read about here) where Lily didn't care to open her presents, I decided that it was really overkill for her to receive more gifts.  We have plenty, and she has more than enough to play with, so I would rather give to others, including a girl that we sponsor through World Vision that shares Lily's exact birthday.
      Well, that about sums everything up.  I am glad that I am only doing birthday parties like this about twice a year right now, but it sure is fun!