Saturday, January 28, 2012

More Playtime and Photo Practice

      I am continuing to practice for the photography class I am taking (Ashley Ann's SnapShop).  Fortunately, I have two little models around all the time, though their willingness is usually questionable.  I feel like I am learning how to get more natural shots of them, which I love.  I am also learning that taking good, high-quality pictures is something that takes a lot of practice, a willingness to try new things and sometimes, a bit of staging.  It also takes a lot of extra thinking about the background that I hope I get better at.  So, after a day inside and at home, we were ready to go outside, plus, I knew the lighting would be better outside than inside, which meant it would make for good practice.
      What you must understand about this particular day is that this is the day that I realized Bella is a hitter. When something is taken from her, she does not respond graciously.  As you might imagine, this does not go over well with big sis, who moans about being hit, though amazingly doesn't hit back.  This is also the day that Lily was coming downstairs to go outside, and Bella, standing at the top of the stairs, threw the doll stroller down the stairs.   I didn't see this go down, but I could hear the stroller banging its way down only to run into a little girl about 3/4 of the way down.  Bummer.  The screaming lasted for quite a while.   So, all of that happened right before these pictures.  I never want anyone to get the wrong idea while reading this blog that things are always picturesque around here, though once you see the first picture, there won't be any doubts about that anyway.

Lily was still recovering from the stair incident, and when Bella got into the car, it put her back over the edge.  Glad to have this moment captured forever.


Bella did quite enjoy her time in the Cozy Coupe.


I realized once we got down there that we all had on our sparkly Toms.  Here are mine and Lily's.


Sweet face.


Lily spent some time in recovery on the swing, and I convinced her to take a picture with me before she got back to the business of playing.



Here's to more practice!


Kara said...

Your pictures are beautiful! Can I ask what type of camera and lens you use?

Mom Spenst said...

I'm so glad you are into taking pics; love seeing the girls at play.

Brian and Ashley said...

Wow Carol! Awesome pictures! What were the settings for the head on car picture? Beautiful!

Carol said...

@Brian and AshleyThanks so much, Ashley! The settings for the car picture are ISO 400, Shutter speed 1/250 and Ap at 2.8. Your daughter is gorgeous - I checked out your blog!