Friday, January 13, 2012

Our House: Playroom Progress

      Last month, I made a lot of progress on our downstairs playroom and failed to blog any of it, because there were too many other things to be blogging about.  Now that life has slowed down a bit in January, here is where the playroom stands.  As a refresher, I painted the Rainbow Dot Wall back in July (you know, like 5 months ago), which you can read about in in this post.  Things dragged, and I just haven't gotten around to finishing the rest of it.  I am still not all the way there, but I wanted to show the progress and publicly commit myself to finishing it soon.
      We bought rugs from Land of Nod to define some areas, and they have a lot of the same colors from the wall.  Also, we found this really fun, round oversized chair on clearance at Furniture Row and snapped it up, so now there is a place for adults to sit in the room as well as kiddos.


      I have finished up with the craft corner of the room, and I do love the way it turned out.


The craft table was Lily and Bella's main Christmas present last year, and the little tuffets are from Land of Nod.  (Clearly, I love their stuff.)  I did spray paint one of the tuffets to make it match.  The art display is simply trim from Home Depot, spray painted cream.  I added clothes pins that I painted the same yellow from the wall and super glued them in place.  The hooks are for craft aprons that I have yet to purchase.  I got the letters for "CREATE" at Michael's and painted them with another of the dot colors, and then added a few more dots above the letters for good measure.
      I was in love with the dripping crayon canvases that I saw all over Pinterest and did my own take on it to make it a color wheel.  I sat a bowl in the middle of the canvas and lined the crayons around it and hot glued them on.  Then, based on a tutorial I saw on the blog, Whatever, I used a hair dryer to melt the crayons.  Easy and fun.  Very gratifying as well.


I have this shelf on the wall outside of my own Craft Room that I intend to paint one of the colors from the dot wall and use to house kid's craft supplies.  Clearly, I have not gotten to this project yet.


I have done a little more work on the play kitchen, but I still have a few finishing touches.  I have some antique handkerchiefs and embroidered tea towels that I want to use to make a bunting of sorts to give a little more pizzazz to that corner, and I have some yellow gingham fabric to make little curtains to go over the very faux window over the sink.  I hung up an old crate that I got thrifting and spray painted creamish and added little canisters painted to match the wall.  I labeled them as well, and sprayed clear acrylic paint over them so little fingers couldn't peel off the labels.  The girls' main toys for Christmas this year were little kitchen utensils and bakeware, so now they are enjoying the play kitchen even more.  Those cookie sheets are used for magnets that Lily has cleared off - another idea I saw on Pinterest that you can read about on this blog.


Here's the last corner of the room.  We have a TV down there for Wii and movies.  So far, we only use it when we have other people over and are trying to corral the kiddos downstairs while the adults are partying upstairs.  I love their little chairs, and they do too.  The dollhouse/bookshelf was Lily's birthday present this year.  Part of the present was that she got to help John assemble it, which she LOVED.


If you have ever looked at cute decorated doll houses online, you will hear me when I say that it is easy to go overboard decorating a doll house.  I have told Lily that she can help me, and we can make it a project together, but I think I may have a hard time keeping it simple.  We shall see.  The prints under the word PLAY are by the artist Katie Daisy that I purchased from Etsy.  I mounted them on canvases painted blue - I was trying to bring the blue and teal over to the side of the room that ended up more pink that I would have wanted.


So, that is where things stand downstairs.  I need to get some baskets to corral the toys in the bench seats under the window, and I think John and I may try our hands at building a cornice to go over the window to dress up that side of the room a bit.  All in good time, or maybe not - it may take another 6 months.  We shall see.  We are loving the room and so are the girls.


Linds said...

ohhh, I love the crayon canvas! I'm totally doing that if we ever have a playroom!

Amber said...

playroom is really looking awesome-great job!

Tales from Goshen said...

That is amazing, Carol. It's so nice to have a place to send them to play! I love Land of Nod, too! I haven't seen your dot wall before, but am very impressed. I'm gonna look at your previous post on it. Our playroom is in our attic and I have yet to figure out what to do with it. It's not as large as yours and right now, we only use it in the fall/winter/spring because it gets too hot. But we're working on remedying that. Really good job, friend!

The Lowery Family said...

I love the craft corner! I am planning on doing that in our playroom when we move. Would those tuffets be sturdy enough for the boys (6 & 5) to sit on too?