Monday, January 02, 2012

"Settling" into the New Year

      We had ourselves a little New Year's Shindig that involved a nerdy game that we love called Settlers of Catan.  Most of the people that came to this party were siblings and spouses from one very large family.  We had had two tournaments previously, but it had been three years and about two kids for most couples since the last time we had gathered to play.  And, children change everything.  I hired a sitter to keep the kiddos downstairs, and I told her she might want to bring a friend - there would be about 8 kids.  She then asked the general ages, and when I told her that Lily (almost 3) was the oldest, she did show up with a friend in tow.  All in all, it went pretty well, and we had a great time.

(The only non-Dennis or McCulley (my maiden name) family members in attendance.)
I grew up with the Dennis family and have distinct memories of going over to their house and all of us kiddos running loose while our parents played cards together.  I never would have imagined that our children would be doing the same thing 20 years later, but there we were, and I am so glad.  This family has blessed our lives immensely.
(And - Ellen and Luke drove down to join the fun!)
(You can see in that picture how funny John is.  What he is doing, I will probably never know.)

And, here is a final party picture with the winners (I got second!) and the scoreboard.  There was a little cash money on the line, so that made it a bit more fun.  Also funny, is it really just looks like I am a spaz crashing their cute family picture.  (These people amaze me - recently they adopted a teenage girl.  If you want to watch the video and marvel at the Lord at work in all of their lives, click on here to watch it, but only if you feel like crying.)


So, with all the kids involved, the party was over at 9:30, though we did stay up later with Ellen and Luke.  When we brought Lily upstairs, she was crushed that the party was ending.  We rang in the new year playing another German Game of the Year called Bohnanza.  In it, you have several bean fields that you get to harvest.  We clearly like our nerd games, but it was fun to be game playing again, since we haven't done it much since the advent of children.
      On New Year's Day, we went to church and took down Christmas, to Lily's great dismay, horror and tears.  I am always ready to get things back to normal and have a fresh start.  After nap time today, Lily and Bella were playing together, and this is how I found them.  They are resolving to have better dental hygiene this year.


This month, I am hoping to better organize our home, spend time re-prioritizing our time and energy as a family and celebrating Lily's birthday.  After a family wedding this week, of course.  I think life is funny, because I sometimes feel as if I am always looking for when it will slow down.  And, it doesn't, which is often our own fault, but still.  The wheels keep spinning.  I pray that we will learn how to be more wise with our time and energy - our greatest resources, and I feel like, the hardest ones to really control.
      What are you resolving this year?


Courtney said...

Love it, haven't played that game since New Years Eve last year when we played it with y'all at our parents actually got introduced to it this past weekend at Dr. Henry's house, can't say its their favorite game, but I think it takes a bit to catch onto!