Monday, March 03, 2014


Every year, we head to CFA Seminar, and it is always one of my favorite things that we get to do.  (You can see past years: 2011, 2012 and 2013)  This year, it was in Orlando, which is what prompted us to do our Disney trip as a piggyback to this one.  It helps when CFA covers our plane tickets to anywhere, and I am always so thankful that spouses are included in all of the fun.

Once we arrived at Seminar, after a very full four days at Disney, we were exhausted.  We had sent the girls on a plane with sweet Becci back to Little Rock and had to shift gears entirely to live in a totally adult world that didn't revolve around wait times and where the princesses might be.

But, as always, it was so very good.  It really and truly feels like a family reunion, because CFA is a family company, and the people that it has attracted are wonderful.  We have so many dear friends that we got to see and catch up with, and because there are so many of us now, there are other people we would have loved to chat with that we just didn't get the chance to.  Being among people who are in the same business - the people business - is such a blessing.

This year they re-tooled Seminar and made it more "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure," which we really enjoyed.  I got to hear Priscilla Schrirer and Bob Goff speak and am now reading Bob's book, Love Does, which is really inspiring.  Just like after the IF conference a couple of weeks ago, I feel like there are so many things floating in my head needing to be processed, and my brain does not have enough working hours in the day.  I keep asking God to show me one step at a time what I need to be doing with my time and energy.  I want to be pleasing to him.

After Disney, I honestly didn't have the energy or desire to take lots of pictures.  Here are a couple of highlights.

Spending time with friends that live far away - it was so good to catch up and laugh a lot!  And cry too, because hard things happen in life.  But God is so good, and seeing his goodness in other's stories is really encouraging.

(It should be noted that this picture was actually taken at Disney - there is no wine at Seminar.)

CFA always delivers fun treats for us all.  One night glowing desserts were rolled in.  Black lights make anything more exciting.  They also treated us to a night at Universal Studios.  We took a picture with the Minions, because we knew the girls would love to see it.


CFA is launching a new coffee line later this year.  It is farmer direct, and some of the farmers were there talking (through their interpreters) about it.  The line includes iced coffee, and it is amazing.  I kid you not, I stood there and sampled cup after cup.  So good.  And, I am not a coffee drinker at all.  But, I will drink our iced coffee and am anxiously awaiting its roll out.


I love creativity wherever it is to be found, and this art with CFA foil sandwich bags made me so happy to look at.  It utilizes several of my favorite things: symmetry, circles and using something unusual to create something pretty.


When it was time to go home, I was ready to see my babies, but sad to leave all the CFA family.  That's the sign of a rich life - one that I want to return to.  I'm so very thankful to call CFA our company - it is the very best.


Kelcie Huffstickler said...

It truly is the best! I am blessed every time I eat at one. Amazing company.

Carol Spenst said...

So glad you have great experiences!