Thursday, March 06, 2014


One of John's long time goals has been to push some of our children in a half marathon.  He would really like to try to do it for a full marathon, but our current schedule does not allow time for that training schedule.  So, he petitioned to be able to push them in the Little Rock Half Marathon and got special permission to do just that.  The fun thing is that my sis Ellen and her friend were also planning on doing the race, so it became a family affair.

The Davis family and crew arrived Saturday afternoon, so there was time for cousin fun and a tiny bit of gaming.


Sunday morning dawned cloudy and gray, but relatively warm in the mid 50s.  We decided that John should make a stab at it, thinking that he could stop at any point in the race if things weren't going well.  We all headed downtown.


And the twins geared up for their inaugural race.


Luke and Branton had made these awesome signs to cheer on their ladies.


One of John's best friends agreed to run with him on about 3 weeks notice.  I'm so glad that John has friends that are about as crazy as he is.


And then they all were racing.  I managed to not see a single one of them out on the course, even though I was outside and looking for them for a good hour or so.  The rest of the time, we holed up inside the River Market enjoying treats.


The bad thing about this race day is that the weather deteriorated very quickly as the day wore on.  It dropped into the 40s and became windy.  The stroller that I was pushing was not full of happy children.  The other bad thing is that I missed seeing John finish by about 2 minutes.  I did not account for the fact that he would run so supersonic fast while pushing babies with not a ton of training.  Also - he started with the handicapped group 5 minutes early, which makes the time look even more impressive.  Add five minutes to it, and you've got the time they actually did.


John reported that William and Violet did pretty well.  They had to stop a few times to give them bottles, and by the last mile, William was done with the running.  But both babies perked up quickly once they were back inside.  Also, they were pretty stoked about their medals.  Little Rock gives out the biggest race medals.


And that's a wrap.  I'm so very proud of Ellen and Mallorey who finished the race when it was bitter cold, and the sky was spitting on them.  I'm so thankful for a husband who wants to include our kiddos in his hobbies and is willing to make things happen.  Way to go, babe!

(Half Marathon 2013, John)
(Half Marathon 2012, Carol)
(Half Marathon 2011, John)