Sunday, March 16, 2014


Tomorrow John and I will set off on a great, kidless adventure.  We are beyond excited.  It will actually be a vacation instead of a family trip.  My mom and Wes are coming to manage our household for the week, and I am so extremely grateful.  They even mostly know what they are getting into, which makes it even more admirable for them to be taking it on.

Here's a quick list of some of the things it takes for us to be gone:

- amazing family that will be ring-leaders for our circus (special thanks to both sets of our parents who have stepped up to the plate last month and this coming week!)  We couldn't do it without you.

- lists.  So many lists.  What needs to be packed.  What needs to be communicated.  What needs to be left behind (zoo pass, library cards, insurance cards, etc.)  The lists are endless.

- special instructions.  Unfortunately, the babies are a bit high maintenance.  They are worth every bit of it, but high maintenance none-the-less.  Among other things, I have to include formula mixing instructions that go a little like this:  Fill the pitcher with 28 ounces of water.  Then add 14 scoops of formula.  Thoroughly mix.  Then add 23 TBSP of Rice Cereal.  Thoroughly mix again.  And good luck on pouring that "stiff honey" consistency into each bottle.  Rinse and repeat.  Literally.

- meal prep.  I want to make their lives as easy as possible, so I have several freezer meals available for them.  Also, I mention that our children are free tickets to eat at CFA as often as they'd like.

- walking through the plans.  Lily is old enough to grasp what is going on and have some concept of time.  This means that I have told her several times (because she has asked) where we are going, how long we are going to be gone and who will be with them while we are gone.  She knows all of the answers, but I think it is reassuring to hear me go through them.

- trying to cover all of the bases for anything that might go wrong.  Since William got pneumonia the last time we were gone, I am a bit more paranoid and and trying to make sure that everyone knows how to get to the doctor's office and hospital.  Fortunately, Mom is a nurse, which is super helpful.

- packing.  Though, I must say, this trip is pretty simple to pack for, because everyone going can pack for themselves.  We did pack a case of Diet Dr. Pepper, because they won't have that where we are going.  Vacations are better with it than without it.  Obviously.

-  loose ends.  John has had to tie up many loose ends at CFA - we always manage to leave when something important is happening.  This time we are getting new register software the day we come back, so he has had to prepare our team ahead of time for that transition.  I am working on paperwork to help get the twins' therapy covered, and of course, there are last minute things that have come up.  I would love to mail all of my tax documentation to the government the day we leave, of course.

- total randomness.  Confession time: our front door has not fully locked in a couple of months.  Winter made the door crazy, and there were a few other things going on, so we just hoped for the best.  Since my dear mother and step-father both love locking things and coming to stay here, we decided that we couldn't expect them to sleep in a home that didn't lock.  It's all fixed now, so please don't even think of breaking in.

I know there will be a time when leaving will not be this intense, but this is the stage we are in.  We also have wanted to fill our children's love tanks up as much as possible by having some good family time before we leave.  Yesterday we hit up the zoo with friends, which was so much fun.  It felt like we were on the fast track, because our kids were literally running from exhibit to exhibit.  Being with the Heads is always a treat, and it's funny, because we both like to dress our children in matching clothes.  That means that we usually end up with two sets of matched kiddos, which is sort of entertaining to watch.


The zoo wore the babies out.


Today, we had a fun lunch with friends after church.  We were quite the side-show for other diners to observe, which they quite noticeably did.  As we were leaving, in the horizontal rain no less, we realized that we somehow had two of an umbrella we should only have one of.  Someone had our same umbrella.  Our friend graciously ran it inside to the family that we had pilfered it from, and they said they had thought about chasing us down as we walked out with it, but then decided that we had needed it more than them.  Awesome.


We are going to miss these precious ones, but I know they will be in great hands!


I have set up some fun for the blog this week in my absence.  I have guest posts scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and Friday by some really amazing women.  I am so honored that each of them agreed to write something for us!  Be sure to come back and check them out - I am so excited to introduce you to each of them and for you to hear some of their stories and the ways that God is working in their hearts and lives.  We serve such a huge God, and seeing him at work in the lives of those around me is so encouraging.  I pray that you will be encouraged as well.

All of that said, peace out and see ya on the flip!