Saturday, March 29, 2014


This past week has been Spring Break here in the Rock, and since John and I were out of town last week, we laid a bit low this week.  For me, Spring Break meant that most of the things that I do to help me stay somewhat sane were not happening.  Thankfully, my exercise class continued and so did the babies' therapy, so we did have a few places we needed to be.  We also just kept eating at CFA to get out of the house and so I didn't have to bother with meal prep and clean up much.  Such a great option.

The other thing I tackled this week was sorting through the kids' clothing and stuff.  This ritual takes place about every six months as the seasons change.  Every time I do this job, I try to tell myself that it is worse in my head than it actually is.  Unfortunately, that is delusion, and as I complete the task at hand, I am reminded that it is, in fact, every bit as bad as I imagined it might be.

I didn't relish this job with one or two children, and now that there are four children, it feels practically insurmountable.  My attention had been drawn to the fact (by both sets of parents), that the girls seemed to have a lot of toys in their beds.  Now it's time for true confessions by Carol Spenst: I don't wash their sheets super often, and I clean out the nooks and crannies of their beds even less often.  So, on Wednesday, when it was time to tackle their bedroom, the thought made me pale on the inside.

With good reason.  Here is the pile of stuff that I pulled from out of their covers, from under their beds and from the edges of their beds all the way around.  This is after I threw away a bunch of stuff and concluded CFA must actually hate us with all of the card kid toys they have given out recently.  I threw away so so many cards.


The insane thing is that I did most of this with them present.  Which meant the whole affair was punctuated with sobs of "Why are you throwing that away?  I love that" and "Can I please keep the Hello Kitty Valentine box?"  These sobs all came from Lily who seems to become very attached to just about everything these days and regularly asks me for things I am about to throw away.  To which I reply, "NO."  She does not need cereal boxes to add to this mess.

They did help me sort everything into piles, with Lily regularly exclaiming, "We have not seen this for YEARS!" and Bella saying, "This is taking For-Hours."  I'm so glad they have thought to combine "Forever" and "Hours" into one word they both use to complain if anything is taking longer than they think it should.


I did manage to get their room much more orderly, which should last about a week, and we made some rules about what they could take with them to bed, which hopefully will last a little longer.  I also went through everyone's clothes, and John brought down all the tubs and helped me make decisions.  My dining room obliged to serve as Mission Control for this project.


The helpers continued to be in full effect.


By last night, I was pretty much over the whole thing.  The hardest part for me is making decisions about where stuff should go and what to do with it.  And then I get stuck wondering how and why we have so much stuff, which usually leads me to the land of guilt, because I am the chief purchaser of said "stuff," so I bear blame in the fact that there is as much as there is.  John was graciously helping me, because I was becoming somewhat listless and grouchy.  I hate doing stuff that I am not good at, and this smacks of my own failings all around.

But we got through.  It is mostly finished, and the laundry is even put away.  And I was reminded that I need to do very little spring shopping, because there is already an abundance of clothing.  Which I am thankful for, ultimately.  I really am thankful, and I know doing this job is worth it.  Maybe next time it won't be so bad.  Maybe.  (Can you hear the delusion as well?)


kristin said...

I love the pic of the helpers in the box. They couldn't be cuter! And it made me feel better about my own clothing piles which desperately need tackling. Soon! If you can do it...