Wednesday, May 06, 2015


After the wedding Friday night, we were pretty wiped out.  Though we didn't necessarily feel like heading out to the Walk for the Waiting, we believe enough in what it is about that we dragged ourselves there.


It was a beautiful morning, and it felt good to be out and about and walking, though we took both double strollers, because we knew the girls would probably not feel up for walking the mile around the stadium after everything the week had held.


As we walked, I realized that I was "idling high" or a little extra emotional.  I knew some of it was from it being a long week.  Part of the rest was being among other adoptive families.  It is so encouraging to be able to look around and see families that are colorful like ours.  Everyone there is bought in to orphan care, and it really does rally the heart.


There were also cheerleaders doing chants for us "walkers."  This was funny in the sense that walking a mile slowly is not something that really needs a lot of cheering on.  However, every time we passed a group of them, I would tear up.  I so badly want children without families to get that opportunity.  It is tragic to know the numbers of how many kids just in our state that do not have parents.  If you have a chance to foster or adopt or encourage families that do - I urge you to take it!  It matters so very much.


We did hang around for a tiny bit to enjoy ice cream and listen to the music.  The kids had a ball.  (And enjoyed seeing our Lindsay!)


It should be noted that everyone wears the number zero to represent that we are shooting for zero waiting children.  However, Bella looked at the number and said, "Does that mean Zero Running?"  Ha!  This time it did, in fact, mean that as well.

Later that night after everyone had left and the dust began to settle, the date rattled around my mind, and it hit me that May 2nd was the day my dad had died.  He had been gone 12 years that day.  Some of my extra emotions started to make more sense.  It's funny how I don't really realize it's even happening, but the sadness that marked that day so many years ago leaves a mark that is deep.  I cannot believe it has been 12 years.  I know I say that every year, but it is always true.  I do miss him so.

Last night I got a text from my mom that an acquaintance of my parents' from years ago had written a blog post featuring my dad and the role that he played in her life, though they knew each other only briefly.  It was such an encouragement and treat to read something by someone I never knew who had known and loved my dad.  He was such a special man - truly.  Here's the post, if you are interested in reading it - my dad's name was Mike.  Thanks, Janet for sharing your kind words and remembering him!