Tuesday, May 26, 2015



Life regularly takes twists and turns that we can never expect, plan for or imagine.  A couple of years ago, I mentioned that William and Violet have a biological half sibling and that we have contact with that family, which has been an amazing blessing.  I am very careful about what I share here on the blog, because ultimately, I want my children, especially William and Violet (and their biological siblings), to feel that I was guarded with their story.  It is theirs - though obviously, our stories overlap a great deal in the here and now.

Adoption is a beautiful, painful thing.  I've written it before, and I'm sure I will write it again, but it does start out with great loss.  I wish it were more clean-cut and didn't carry such weight, but I am thankful that God knew better for our lives.  He knew I needed more compassion than I came pre-wired with.  He knew I needed a story that had tattered edges and scarring pieces and not tidy endings.  He knew it would bring me more to himself, and it would better connect me to those around me.  I need all of that.

In the past two years, there have been more ups and downs in our modern, extended, adoptive family. There is another half-sibling whose adoption will be finalized within the month, and I am so looking forward to celebrating with the family we've already created.  A few months ago, we found out that there was another baby on the way.  My heart has been in pieces over this child, because they belong to us in so many ways.  But, we also do not feel like adding to our immediate family is what God has for us.

However, I've had a dear friend, Christy, who has always had a special place in her heart for the twins.


It's funny, because as I think back, I have several pictures of her with William or Violet from the past year.  She and her husband, Brian, are going to try to adopt this precious baby.  She's written a post about it, and I could not be more excited or thrilled.  There is a chance that we could be gaining some of the best family imaginable, and I am so thankful for even the possibility.  No matter what happens, our hearts are being tied together in new ways, and I'm grateful.  This is an unusual place to travel with friends, and I couldn't think of anyone better to journey it with.

There are many unknowns and no guarantees.  It is very similar to our adoption path.  God is writing this story, and it may not work out the way that we hope it does.  But, we are hopeful and have reason to hope.

Would you be praying?  Ultimately, we want God's glory more than anything else.  Truly.  We know that he knows what is best for all parties involved, and we trust him.  We covet your prayers.


Sherry Elder said...

Praying! We were blessed to be part of a beautiful adoption story that ended happily ever after in February and are huge adoption advocates! So exciting to see how God works out all the details! Thanks for sharing! Keep on keepin' on, chica! So proud to call you one of " my kids."

Carol Spenst said...

Thanks so much! And - congrats on your retirement! You were such a great teacher!