Thursday, October 29, 2015


Yesterday and today were nice days.  Nothing major happened or didn't happen (though I did choke on a chip and salsa at a convention and had tears rolling down my cheeks.  but i got a free bottled water out of the deal, so it wasn't all bad).  We had a morning trip to the trampoline park and lunch with friends, which led into a nice long nap time where I was able to get some sewing done.  Today I got a sitter for the afternoon and enjoyed some down time, which was glorious.  Things were mostly good, and I was able to recognize it at the time and be thankful for it, which also feels like its own blessing and gift.


Sometimes on days like today, I wonder about the next time I will be extremely sad or upset or stressed.  What bad phone call will I receive?  Who will fall sick?  What exactly will go wrong?

I can be sure that the day will come.  I don't know what it will be, but as sure as I live in this fallen world and love lots of people - hard things are headed my way.  Sometimes this thought feels crippling.  I have lived great grief, and I certainly don't like it.  If I let myself dwell on these thoughts, fear creeps in and shadows all the good.  I'm not by nature a fearful person, but it's never pleasant to dread the unknown.

So - I have to put my trust and hope back in the Lord.  In good times and hard.  He holds the answers and the joy and the strength, and he is already in all of the times ahead of me.  What a comforting thought.  As I look towards the bends in the road that I can't see around, I'm so thankful to know the God who will walk with me through them all.