Monday, October 05, 2015



This weekend we were supposed to go to Homecoming at JBU.  John was supposed to have an event for work on Sunday afternoon.  We had plans and people in the mix, and we said "NO" to all of it.  Instead, we slept til 10:15 on both Saturday and Sunday - a miracle of epic proportions brought to us by girls who self-entertain, rather late nights and twins who had colds and needed extra sleep.

It was amazing.

After the last month - heck, after the last year+ - it feels like we need to catch our breath a bit, and unfortunately, that is not our strong suit.  It was sad to not be at Homecoming and to miss people and fun.  We also had to reschedule family pictures.  But - we needed the down time and breathing room.

It was an excellent reminder of the power of our "NO."

John and I are both achiever oriented by nature.  I'm a first-born, and though he is the baby of his family, he functions more like a first-born.  We tend to have high expectations for ourselves and to just keep pushing.  Our lives are full of really great opportunities at just about every turn.  There are more people than we can keep up with, there are more great causes than we can possibly be involved in and there are always more projects and work.

We want to do it all.  Or at least, we want to do large portions of it - obviously to our own detriment at times.  It feels like one of the hardest things in the world to strike a BALANCE - that fleeting magical unicorn.  Instead, we swing wildly between extremes wondering if we will ever get anything right.

However, some things are starting to clear and crystalize.  God commanded rest for his glory and our good, and if we just keep going even when we've been told that six days are enough for seven days worth of provision, then shame on us.  Rest resets us and helps us to see more clearly.  We remember that not all things in the world depend on us.  We are amazingly self-centered creatures.

This year I've become well-practiced at my "NO," and it has been immensely freeing.  Mostly I've realized that other people will step up to the plate OR that some things will go undone and everyone will survive that.  Few things that I do are actually critical, and I'm working on doing those critical things better as I've cut out some of the periphery this year.  There will be years where I will get to say "YES" more often, and this is just not the year.  I'm learning to be okay with that, and I'm enjoying seeing the ways that God fills in the gaps.  He really does work things out for his glory and my good.  His work will never go undone, and it certainly doesn't all depend on me.  Thank God.