Thursday, October 08, 2015


I've made no secret about the ways the past month has been hard for so many that surround us and for us.  It got me thinking - I'm not a fan of the middle of the story.  The conflict.  The dark spots -  the part where we don't know how it will turn out.  Will the cancer come back to claim them after all?  Will he ever realize they are soul mates?  Will she be able to become pregnant again?  Will my children grow up to make good choices?

Fairy tales never let us down, while real life does, and sometimes I don't feel strong enough to withstand the middle.  Here's a wimpy secret about me - I often reread books, and if I already know that a certain part will contain a lot of conflict and pain, I will skip that section. I won't subject myself to it again, and as I reader - I have that option.

That option certainly does not exist in real life, and unfortunately, I often still feel wimpy and unable to really look the hard stuff in the face.  This has caused serious issues for me through the years, because life is full of hard, painful places that God brings for good reasons.  There are also plenty of rotten places that we land ourselves because of sin, and sadly, all of those things end up twisted together.  I've learned to sit in the middle in my own life and with others.  Though it has been painful, I'm so thankful that the Lord has grown me in this way and continues to grow me.

Right now, I can see the middle parts of several stories that make it tough to feel hope.  It looks dark and gloomy.  I want to scream hope, and I know that in the end hope wins out for those who know and follow Christ.  But, that does not mean it will be easy.  It doesn't mean the ending here on earth will look as we hope it will.

It's another opportunity to exercise trust in the Lord.  Trusting that he really does know best and love us most.  That his ways are higher than ours, and that he ultimately wants our good.  He will use any means necessary to help us to really see him and depend on him.

but take heart
(free printable from Petite Modern Life, based on John 16:33)

If you're in the dark middle, just remember that there is light and hope in Jesus.  We know how it all ends, and Jesus overcomes the world.  The dark middle is not the end of the story.  Thank God.