Thursday, January 12, 2017


Stop the presses - my oldest baby is eight years old, and it is just about to blow my mind.  Truly it goes by more quickly than I ever imagined.  And, as I looked back at past birthday posts, I pretty much say the same thing every year.  I am that broken-record mother who can never believe the passage of time.

{3rd Birthday} {4th Birthday} {5th Birthday} {6th Birthday} {7th Birthday}

Our Lily is so precious to our family, and we love her so.  She brings a unique perspective to each situation and is proving to be highly responsible, as a typical first-born might be.  She is ALWAYS listening to John and I, and regularly regurgitates conversations that we had with one another.  Then she reminds us that she is always listening, while she grins slyly.


Lily is thriving in school and truly adores her siblings.  (Until the moment when she doesn't, but we all have those moments.). She and Bella play well together, and they both look for ways to take care of and engage William and Violet.  Lily is growing in her love and knowledge of the Lord, and I am routinely pleased to hear some way that she is processing the spiritual world and God's place in her life.

(With Lambie and the stuffed snake that she just purchased with her own money - what a delight and totally what we needed!)

She is developing a wit that sometimes expresses itself even more in written word, and teaching her to text has been one of the funnier experiences of the past several weeks.  I decided to interview her with the same questions that I used last year with these responses.


Her birthday sneaks up so quickly after Christmas that we are holding off on party fun for several more weeks still.  Instead, we had cookie cake at home and also went out to eat at a restaurant.  She was well celebrated on her actual birthday.

(These kids can destroy some Pizookies.)

Happy Birthday, Lily!

.......  In other news - I have my computer back!  I hope to be back to blogging more regularly . . . We shall see.