Thursday, November 29, 2012


Yesterday, we got our wait list email!  We are . . .


Which is exciting!  It is amazing to watch each month as children get matched with families.  What a privilege to see God working in these lives and changing them all forever.

As to how this information pertains to us - let me give you a run down of all we understand at this point.  What I am beginning to see is that our number probably won't end up mattering that much.  What we are waiting for is fairly specific, which I know I have mentioned before.

I talked to our agency earlier this month.  They had called to double-check all of our actual approvals and understand even more about what we are hoping for, now that we are near the top of the list.  We are approved for kiddos that are a year younger than Bella, which essentially means that we could adopt infant twins or possibly two unrelated very young kids.  Right now, we feel compelled to wait to get two kiddos at once, because that is what we feel God calling us to for our family.  And, because of the cost involved, it honestly makes sense to get two at one time, instead of doing two separate adoptions.

I asked our lady if she thought we were crazy to be asking for what we are.  I know that you cannot special order orphans into your family.  She graciously said that we were not crazy.  She said that our expectations seemed to be in the right place, and that we knew it might take a while to be matched to kiddos that meet our approval.  That was good to hear.

However, this does mean that we could hang out at the top of our special needs waiting list for quite a while, and people behind us could be matched with kids.  We have decided that is really okay with us, because, for all we can see right now, this is what we believe we should be doing.  That could change, of course, and we would be open to that if the time came.

I asked if we should appeal to our home study agency and try to get our approval broadened, but they said that since we have not been waiting long at all and are okay with waiting a while, that we could wait on that or never do it at all.  My tendency in stuff like this is to try to hyper manage it, but I know that God knows better than we do, and things have already happened the ways that they have for reasons that he knows.  I am learning to rest in that, while still trying to ask the right questions and understand all that happens.

So, here's to the waiting!  We are praying for our children that we haven't met yet.  It is so exciting to think that God already knows what is going to happen and how it will work for the good of all of us!


Anonymous said...

This is very exciting, Carol. Thanks for sharing ya'lls adoption story! Much Love, Carmen

Mom said...

We are praying also for our new grandsons. God will take care of all the details including the timing. Of that I'm sure.