Sunday, November 25, 2012


As the Thanksgiving dust settles and we head full-throttle into the Christmas season, I've been struck by many things.

1.  Where has this year gone?  I know I must be saying that always, but how is it almost Christmas?

2.  I think I am beyond over the commercialization of this holiday.  At risk of sounding a bit of a crank, walking through Michael's tonight was Christmas overstimulation to the max.  And, I love Christmas.  (And, I get annoyed with myself, because I know I contribute to it on some level.)

3.  What am I going to do with all the leftover dessert from Thanksgiving?  We had no less than six desserts around all week, and at the rate I am going, I will finish them almost by myself.  This is not a good plan at all.  My Fitness Pal will be very upset.

4.  I am so glad that Past Carol did a good job of putting Christmas decorations away, because it made Current Carol's decorating job much easier.  Way to go, Past Carol!

So, as I was thanking Past Carol - I started thinking about Future Carol.  She's someone I ought to think about more often.  For example, would Future Carol be happy or sad about Current Carol's choices?

Would she be glad that Current Carol went ahead and folded that laundry and put away those dishes?  That always makes Future Carol happy.  (And impressed.)

Would she be upset about Current Carol's current dessert binge?  Future Carol might be a bit understanding, but her jeans would not be on board.

I'm pretty sure that Past, Current and Future Carol would be delighted by the choice to have the girls help decorate for Christmas.  Their pure and unadulterated joy has been a breath of fresh air.  Lily, especially, is sparkling with enthusiasm.  As we decorated the tree in our bedroom, she kept pulling ornaments out saying, "Oh!  This is so beautiful!  Look, Mom!  Isn't this beautiful?"  Future Carol will cherish thinking back to tonight.  And all Carols will be able to laugh at the way that Lily hangs ornaments.


So many questions I have for Future Carol.  I wonder what God has in store for her - sometimes it scares me a bit, in fact.  Past Carol would never have dreamed that Current Carol would be in the middle of a special needs adoption trying to bring two young boys into our family.  I am wondering what's next.  I wonder about the slippery slope of trying to see more of life through God's eyes and less through my own.  I'm afraid there's no going back.

Past Carol would have never understood that life is so much bigger than her little plans.  That God has a way of blowing those completely out of the water and showing himself greater and bigger and really worth following.  Even in the hard stuff.  Especially in the hard stuff.

So, here's hoping that God molds and changes Current Carol into someone with more of his heart.  Future Carol will be so thankful.