Thursday, November 15, 2012


I guess it's time for me to do another quick post bragging on God.  There really can never be too many of these.  I read this blog from time to time, and I am always amazed at the ways God speaks to her.  Sometimes I have actually gotten jealous, even though I know that it is usually my own choices that get in the way of God's voice in my life.

But, yesterday, God showed up for me in a tangible way.  Like he knew I needed to hear and feel him.

John gave me this necklace earlier this year.  I love it.


I love dogwood trees and the symbolism they carry with their four petals and seemingly pierced tips.  My dad always told me they represented Christ, and they usually bloom around Easter time here, which is perfect.  So, you can see why I love this necklace.

I usually wear it a lot - it goes with everything.  I thought about it the other day and realized I hadn't seen it for a while.  I started looking in the usual places and couldn't find it.  I figured that I would come across it, and I really thought I would find it in one of my travel bags, since I take it on all my trips.

It didn't show up.  For about a week it didn't.  I finally thought about that blog and the way that she always asks God for specific answers.  I felt ashamed with myself for doubting that God would answer my prayer to find this necklace.  I didn't think I had enough faith.  I wanted to give him an out.  But, I did pray.  I did ask.

And even though my heart was doubtful, he lead me to it.  It was tucked away in our swim bag from the summer, and he must have led me there, because I would not have run across until next summer.

He's got things under control.  Why do I ever doubt?  This was such a little thing.

But, I have a really big thing happening tonight.  There are inevitable nerves.  There are questions about how it will all turn out.  Will we raise the money we hope to raise?  Will people be moved to action?  Will the details work themselves out?  I'm thankful that God reminded me just last night that he cares, he sees and he answers.  And ultimately, he's got this.  Money is just another endless resource for him to move around as he sees fit.

Looking forward to seeing him show up tonight!  And thankful that he always cares.