Tuesday, November 20, 2012


You know those little things that help define our personalities?  We have an abundance of idiosyncrasies around our house, and I thought I would share the latest.

Lately, every time I go to get Bella from her bed, whether it be in the morning or after nap time, she has taken off her pants and her diaper.  This has turned out very badly one time so far, and it has turned out wet a number of times.  I may have to start taping the diaper on her, but that sounds like so much work to do in addition to trying to wrestle her into clothing suitable for sleeping.  However, depending on how long this little phase lasts and the number of times I have to wash the crib sheet and her "kiki" (blanket, at our house) and other swag, tape may prove a viable option.


Good things she's cute.

Bella also likes to shout with great gusto any time she sees anything she believes worthy of my attention.  Keep in mind that this is almost everything she sees that she can correctly identify.  And, she does not stop shouting until I have thoroughly acknowledged whatever she wants.  So, our car driving trips sound something like this.

Bella:  "Balloon!  Balloon!!  BALLOON!  BALLOON!!!!!  See?!"
Me:  "Yes, I see the balloon.  What nice balloons."
Bella:  "Airplane!  (With frantic pointing out the car window)  Airplane!!!!!  AIRPLANE!"
Me:  "I see the plane.  Do you think it's flying?"
Bella:  "Yeah."  (Said in a low, throaty voice)  "Bus!  Bus!!!  BUS!!!"
Me:  "Actually, that's a truck."
Bella:  "Oh.  Truck."

This goes on the entire time we drive, with Lily occasionally interjecting and drawing Bella's attention to even more awesome and thrill worthy objects like the dog being walked on the sidewalk.

Speaking of Lily, she just gets funnier and funnier.  She's at that stage that you just want to be able to bottle up and keep forever.  It is endearing.  It is cute. (It is potty-trained, praise King Jesus.)  It is slightly more reasonable than a year ago, which is such a blessing.


She is currently obsessed with what order the holidays will be coming in.  She has an understanding of what each holiday is now, but she is still miffed by the order of it all.  I hear her talking during her nap time, apparently explaining things to her stuffed animals.  "We will have Halloween, and then Thanksgiving and then Christmas.  Then we will have Jesus' birthday.  Oh - silly - Christmas and Jesus' birthday are the same thing!"

She also thinks that she is big stuff, since she will turn four in January.  She tells me that she is a big girl, and Bella is a little girl.  Somehow the other night she was asking about her brothers and when we will go get them.  Since we would like to take the girls on one of our trips to Ethiopia, I was explaining that she has not ever been to Africa, but we would like to take her.  She went on to say, "But, you can only take big girls.  Only girls that are four years old."  I said, "No, we are going to take Bella, too.  You would really miss Bella."  Lily's quick response was, "You can get a babysitter to come to our house for Bella."  Ahh, sisterly love.  Always looking out for one another.  I'm not sure that I can totally blame her since Bella bites her almost daily.

Both girls love the Disney princesses.  Not that I blame them - those girls are beautiful and get to wear lovely tone on tone dresses.  Lily can name them all, even the ones whose movies we have never watched.  Bella calls them all "Tangled" or "Tinkerbell" and shouts this at seemingly random times.  I say "seemingly random," because it is at those moments that I realize what a marketing genius that sly Disney is.  Those princesses are plastered on EVERYTHING.  You will notice this if you ever have someone shouting at you anytime they see one.

As for my own current idiosyncrasies.  Let's see - I finally learned how to curl my hair.  This feels like a momentous achievement.


I know, these are the things in life that really matter.

My other confession idiosyncrasy is that I had my house cleaned last week in the midst of everything going on and since we are hosting Thanksgiving at our house.  I am sure that the kind woman who cleaned our house laughed heartily when she spotted my cleaning schedule on the refrigerator.  I contemplated doing some pre-cleaning, because I was embarrassed about the state of the house, but I decided, that is what I am paying for.  So, I kept my shame on the inside.  Until now - when I just told everyone.  But, I like to keep it real.  And sometimes I am really bad at cleaning our house.

Also, I made cute Thanksgiving sugar cookies.  The turkeys are copied after these - and I love them!


My baking assistants really stepped up to the plate to help with all the Thanksgiving food.


And that is about all I've got.  John's current idiosyncrasy is that until two nights ago, he was still having a really hard time staying awake in the evening.  Like he traveled around the world or something.  So glad to have him back - life is always better when we're together.

Looking forward to the holiday fun this week!


Ellen said...

Those sweet girls! Love them! I still laugh when I think about the time I was feeding True and talking with Lily about all the foods True likes to eat and she followed it up with, "Does he like candy corn? I like candy corn."

Stefanie said...

Your posts almost always make me laugh ... like 98% of the time. The other 2% are times when you are posting something serious that you probably wouldn't want someone to laugh at. Love your silly girls!