Monday, November 19, 2012


*****If you didn't read my other post from earlier today - click and read this - it outlines the background for this event.

The past several months have found me a busy bee.  I've been buzzing getting ready for this event, and it seemed as if November 15th was flying towards us, as indeed, it was.  And, just like all momentous occasions, it came and went.  I wrote about it here and also a bit this past Thursday before the event. 

The details mostly went off without noticeable hitches - always a big win and pretty amazing since this was the first time most of us had done anything like this.  I took three pictures total, on my phone, since I was busy greeting people and generally trying to make sure things went well.

Here are all the name tags lined up and ready to be snatched up - we had over 300 people attend!


The DoubleTree in downtown Little Rock served as our venue and turned out beautifully.  Here are people getting everything ready and the set tables.  They made it so easy!


Once the program started, it was pretty clear that it would be a powerful evening.  We showed the video of Shundreka from my earlier post, and then she sang a song called "I Won't Give Up Now."  The guy featured in the other video played piano as guests entered the room.  Amazing to have such talent within the youth Immerse serves.

One of the head pastors from our church spoke.  He painted a beautiful picture - though a heart-rending one - out of Ezekiel 16.  The passage talks about how Israel was figuratively left out to die as a baby, but God picked her up, cared for her and made her his own.  Why would we not care for the orphan when this is what God does for us?

And then the president of the Immerse Board got up and gave the financial appeal - pointing out that we can do something about this specific need.  We can get involved.  We can give sacrificially.  It is better to do it now, because we will usually do it anyway through our tax dollars later on.  Let's bring these kids into the family of God and no longer leave them stranded.

Ya'll - so far over $100,000 has come in.

Unreal.  I mean, when we started getting the numbers back that night, I was in shock and floored at the way that God moves resources around.  Praise be to God, the giver of all good things.

I still am overwhelmed by it all.

If you are inclined to give or feel a pull to be involved in this ministry - contact me or go to the website. Thanks for letting me bring your attention to this.  It is my humble privilege.


Morgan Smith said...

Yay God! So thankful for immerse and why they're doing for the youth in Arkansas.

Jeran said...

This is so great! Like you wrote earlier I'd never really thought about the older youths. Most of the time you hear about the younger ones. Thanks for sharing and raising awareness.