Monday, November 19, 2012


Today brought the sweetest bundle of joy to some dear friends of ours, and I got the pleasure of meeting sweet Sophie Joy.  Congrats, friends!

Beautiful ladies!

The girls and I took CFA to them for lunch, which is a fun perk of having a restaurant.  It was only slightly chaotic with their older two children, plus my two and their tiny newborn.  Ahh, the joys of this stage.  But I am already seeing how fast it goes.  Here's one of Lily's best friends, Emma, kissing on her new sister who she refers to as "Eggplant."  No one has any idea why.


We had a little sprinkle for Keri and Sophie back right before I went to Wichita and John left for India.  It had the usual features including a cute diaper cake.  (Which Keri confessed to passing on, as a gift, to another mom-to-be at a shower the very next day.  Hilarious.)


Petit Fours.  I never tire of these.


And the ladies + Mom and MIL.  A fun night, indeed.  (Though I forgot my big camera at home and was punished severely by glowing eyes and crazy light in this picture.  Lesson learned.)


Sophie - we are so glad you are here, and you should know that you have some of the coolest parents ever.  Can't wait to get to know you!