Monday, December 03, 2012


We slept in til 9:00.  All of us.  Any day that starts off like that should be a great one.  I'm not sure exactly where it derailed, but go straight off the tracks, it did.  (That was a little weird Yoda speak for you.  I don't know the last time I saw Star Wars, so I could be way off on that one.)  I take that back - it went off track when I realized that there was no Diet Dr. Pepper in the house.  Tragedy.

Then, I spent a ton of time telling Lily that she needed to stop crying and whining.  That seems to be her latest power-play, and I feel like a terrible parent as she is cough-crying for no reason, and I keep saying, "Quit crying.  Mommy does not want to hear your crying anymore.  This is ridiculous."  She keeps wailing and hacking while saying, "I can't stop coughing."  Hack hack hack.  That will make you crazy.  At least, it does me.

My other darling daughter decided that it must be Opposite Day at our house.  She did the opposite of whatever I asked her to do, though sometimes it manifested subtly.  Like when I told her to look me in the eyes, and she kept pointedly looking at my nose, then my mouth and next at my ear.  All the while smirking.  Yes, my two year old has smirking down to an art.

After our survival drive-thru lunch, I needed to pick up something real quick at Hobby Lobby.  So did the rest of the world, since the check-out lines were all open and at least 8 people deep in each one.  I had a lot of craft righteousness, as I wondered where all these people are the rest of the year.  Then, I had to purchase a Hello Kitty lanyard that I found Bella licking.  The lady behind me clearly saw it all go down, and I couldn't very well put it back after pulling it out of her mouth (Bella's, not lady behind me's, though that would make a better story), though I definitely contemplated it.

There are bright spots to this Monday.  This was one.


That's Bella.  She's "sleeping" under there.  So she informed me.  I do laugh every time I look at this.

The real money shot in my Monday happened when we headed to hang out at a house our church owns that serves as a home for people transitioning from prison.  Children were running wild, there was a ton of dessert, and I was reminded that even my hard days are often better than many people could fathom.  Though I understand that clearly, it is always good to get that gut-check reminder when looking into eyes that have seen a very different world than mine.

This awesome Christmas trailer was set up with lights set to music.  Made me want to drive it around town, shouting "Ho Ho Ho" and throwing candy canes at people.  Maybe next year.


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Renee said...

I'm not gonna lie, this whole post made me smile. It certainly sounds like a nutty kind of day, but oh-so-full of the good stuff :)

p.s. My just-turned-2-year-old nephew has taken to screaming loudly and enthusiastically whenever we say anything that displeases him. The kicker is that we never know what will displease him. Good times :)

Sweet Annabelle said...

You had some seriously funny stuff in your Monday. Having to buy a licked lanyard is probably my favorite, but the eye-to-nose incident was a close second.

Thanks for sharing the sweet humor!


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Haha! Sounds like my kind of living. I LOVE your half-way house thingy! There's just something about spending time with people who live life differently. It amazes me, always.