Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I mentioned that we went to Silver Dollar City's Old Time Christmas festival (which is all of December) on Sunday.  We had such fun, but as usual, there were highs and lows to our day.

High:  We were given the gift of extra time when we realized that it only takes 3 hours to drive from Little Rock to Branson - we had thought it took 4.  What a great thing to get two extra hours in our day!

High:  The weather was gorgeous - a little chilly, but not ever very cold.  So much better than the last time we went 7 years ago and became Spenstsicles.

Low:  Bella had a cold that was causing a lot of yuck to come out of her nose and eyes.  We figured out as time went on that it was pink eye.  So we are those horrible parents that take their kid with pink eye to an amusement park.  I'm sorry.  Good thing she doesn't lick stuff everywhere we go.  Oh wait.  She does.


Low:  The cold was not really bothering Bella, but life did seem to be, so she screamed us into the park, and we had major doubts about our decision to come.  We later found out that one of the symptoms of pink eye is an increased light sensitivity, which explained the shrieking and demands for sunglasses, which amazingly enough, I had on hand.


High:  Silver Dollar City decked out for Christmas is such fun, and since we hadn't been in seven years and never had brought the girls, it was delightful to round each corner and see what new fun awaited us.


High:  They have rides just right for the girls ages.  Lily especially enjoyed riding several.


Low:  Bella wanted to get onto rides and then scream instead of riding.  She then had to be escorted off before the ride started.  Rinse and repeat.  Though she did make it through the water ride where you got to shoot targets.


High:  It was not very crowded.  I had heard horror stories of crowds, and it was not bad at all, which I was so thankful for.  After our trip to Disneyland last year, I know that can make a huge difference.

High:  Fun family time.  It was just our little family, and as much as we would have loved to have had company, it was nice for it to be just us.  It meant we were more nimble, and we got to just love on the girls and focus on them.  And each other.


Low:  Wiping gunk off of Bella's face.

High:  The 4 million plus Christmas lights.  Ahh!!  It is truly magical.  They cover every surface.


High:  Seeing the girls take in the Christmas everywhere and love it.


Low:  Keeping Bella's face clean and then trying to keep track of her, since she wanted to walk on her own much of the day.


High:  The parade and then the ride on the Silver Line Train.  Silver Dollar City is a Christian owned company, so the nativity was in the parade, and the Christmas story was told on the train ride with a lit-up nativity.  It was pretty amazing and so nice to have it incorporated.


High:  The girls slept most of the way home.  Bella was so tired that she fell asleep in the middle of taking off her shoe.  Lily watched some of the Lion King and then conked right out.  That's a pleasant way to drive home for sure.


So - if you are in the area - I highly recommend it!  We got tickets online for $30 apiece which is good for all days they are open except for Saturdays.  It was a real gift to be able to have this time together this Christmas season!