Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Today I called 911 for the first time in my life.  Which means I've had a pretty charmed life, I guess.  I was rear-ended in the rain, and the driver drove off, after he or she was lifted out of the ditch they got stuck in trying to avoid hitting me.  I did not stop suddenly.  This was not my fault - though not the first time I've been in a hit and run accident.  Things seem to find me.  Bad drivers with no integrity find and hit me.  Deer find me.  It's pretty much no bueno on the things hitting my car front.


On the bright side, John was in the area and came within 3 minutes.  He called a couple of other friends to see if anyone recognized a car with the description of one who hit me from their neighborhoods, since it was near all of our homes.  (The car that hit me was a red PT Cruiser with Wood Paneling - please get the tags for me if you happen to see it!)  A friend came to see me while I was waiting for the police, and people kept stopping to see if I needed help.  All in all, I felt extremely well-taken care of.  And, I didn't have the girls with me, which was such a blessing.  The car will probably need a new bumper, but it is perfectly drivable, and I wanted a new bumper and insurance talks for Christmas anyway!

But, the whole thing got me thinking.  I was immediately taken care of.  People rushed to my aid and made sure I was fine.  They got the word out on the car that hit me, which is super kind of them.  I have great friends and family who are watching out for me and have my back.

Whose back do I have?

Tonight I went to a Girls Night Out at our church.  It was focused on human trafficking right around us.  Heavy, heavy stuff.  The woman who helped start the organization PATH, People Against Trafficking Humans, spoke and told her own story of being trafficked out of a high end neighborhood in Dallas when she was 14.

These stories happen all around us - far more often than I would ever even want to be aware of.  But - I need to be aware.  Who is standing up for these kids?  Who has their back?

In the past year, John and I have realized that the government has taken on many things - orphan care, sex-trafficking, homelessness, ect.  It seems as if in some ways, the church abdicated its role in being the hands and feet of Christ to people that need help.  The vulnerable.  The left-behind.  The hurting and impoverished.  Our government has taken on these things, and the reality is that no one entity can overcome the sin that entangles us all.  This world is a very dark place.

BUT God.  One of our pastors always points out the verses that say "But God."  Like in Romans 5, where Paul is writing about how helpless we are, "But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."  (Romans 5:8)  God shows up, with his love and redeems things.  And on this earth, he most often uses us, his people.  We have opportunities all around us to fill gaps, to care for the orphan and to show God's love to the really hurting world.

We just have to open our eyes.  I just have to open my eyes.  I have to quit thinking about myself all the time.  We have to quit worrying about the minor and major inconveniences that really caring causes.  Because, really - inconveniences in my life fail to compare in any way to the stories that I heard tonight.

I'm excited and encouraged, because I saw a room full of women moved tonight.  I'm hopeful that in some small way, just maybe, we can answer the calls to action and get the backs of those who need us. There are so many.


Stacey Hammons said...

So glad you were there last night Carol! Good thoughts - yes, there are many people who have my back, who would and are there for me when I need them - who is there for the orphan, the abused, the oppressed? the answer should be us - the church - thanks for reminder!

Stefanie said...

Glad you're okay! Also glad your car had better luck than mine did the time you & I got rear-ended in Siloam :)