Friday, December 28, 2012


To say that I have bourn up badly under this tiny amount of suffering is probably an understatement.  I have been sort of a mess.  I even had a blubbery ugly cry tonight.  We have been in transition for about a week now, between our trip to Wichita, our night by the fire last night, and now we are at a hotel.  We are safe, we are warm and we are well fed.  We really have nothing to complain about.

And that is one of the hardest parts of it all.  I keep mentally berating myself for the self-pity that I feel.  I don't know how to acknowledge that this circumstance is frustrating and challenging, especially with small children and also bear in mind that I have it so good even still.  That so many people in the world struggle with very real challenges that dwarf this on a daily basis.

So, I am still asking God to work in my heart.  Apparently even minor suffering for me reveals how absolutely spoiled rotten from comfort and convenience I really am.


The girls have been having mostly a great time.  Except when they have been screaming and whining for no real determinable cause.  They love staying at a hotel, and they loved our living room camp out last night.


In a cruel twist of fate, while I was typing this post, John was at our house and the power came back on.  He called to tell me, and it went back off while we were talking on the phone.  We shall see what the morning brings.  Hopefully it brings light to our house and a new attitude of gratefulness and joy to my heart.  Lord willing on both counts.