Wednesday, December 05, 2012


This year the Christmas decorations around our house look pretty much the same as last year.  If you want to see them, click here.  There have been a few additions that I wanted to share.  Here's the first one - books of Christmas Cards!


I saw this idea on Pinterest and made it my own - I just hole punched each Christmas card (for some reason we have saved ours since 2008, go figure) and added it to the ring (got the rings in the jewelry section of Michael's).  I made a cute little cover for each year using scrapbook paper and a few Christmas stickers, so it really was easy.  Looking through all the cards is such fun, since you get to see kiddos growing up and see the friendships that we have added.  What a blessing.

John made an advent wreath for us last year - as seen in this post, but this year I added some picks from Hobby Lobby to make it a bit more festive.  I love the simplicity of it, and it has been fun to see the girls excited.  They keep talking about how the candles are for Happy Birthday, Jesus.  I will randomly hear Bella in her room saying, "Happy Day!  Happy Day!"


We also added a tree that I didn't use last year.  John actually wanted it in his office, so we put it up.  I love the ornaments, though they don't show up real well in the picture - so I took a close up of one of them.



I love celebrating the hope that this season represents.  Jesus came down, as a tiny little baby, just to be with us and save us.  Amazing.